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Looking for a Forge

We're going to step away from politics for a moment . . . obviously I could write from now to doomsday covering everything that's happened this weekend.

Stuff Obama said. "I'm still waiting for Hillary Clinton to tell me what foreign relations experience she has except for voting for the Iraq War." Sheesh! Hello pot!
Stuff Hillary said. "Who do you want to answer the red phone at 3:00 a.m.?" Sheesh! Not You!

Stuff McCain said. Too smarmy, can't repeat it. Can't believe I have to vote for this guy. Voting for the lesser of three evils . . . I had hope this would never happen. I know this, the youth of this nation are nowhere prepared or ready to have the responsibility of protecting and defending America . . . not if their voting for Obama.

Super Tuesday II. Yeah, you know who you are. Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island . . . please put Huckabee out of our misery! Go vote.

Stupid, idiotic, self-indulgent ELF and their criminal activity deserving of severe persecution and judgement.

Israel . . . Palestine . . . why doesn't Israel just call it good with Hamas and bomb them into nonexistence? They don't want peace, they want the eradication of all Israeli's from the face of the earth. They don't want peace. They don't want negotiation. They want death! Bomb 'em! They're not worth anything anyway!

Okay, but I'm not going to talk about that. Really.

I've been involved in this exciting project, which I absolutely cannot wait to share with you but am still constrained for another few weeks. So while I can't tell you what the project is I'm looking for an active forge (you know, the container in which metals are melted) in Utah County. If anyone knows of one, please drop me a line or make a comment. I really need to track one down today.

As you can tell, this is tied to my book, Forged in the Refiner's Fire, which is a collection of true stories by people from all walks of life who have suffered through trial and tragedy, triumphed and drawn closer to the Lord in the process. It is a deeply inspiring book and one that I feel great privilege in participating in the gathering of the stories, along with my co-author, Elizabeth Cheever, and teaching of this valuable principle: the value of trials.

Why do bad things happen?
Is there a purpose when we face a severe trial?
As mortals, we can be compared to ore, such as gold and silver.
Ore that is unrefined is generally impure and undesirable.
Only ore that is crushed—and then refined by fire—
becomes beautiful, pure, precious and valuable.

This book was written to help you see the results of the
Ultimate Refiner, the Lord, in your own life.

Within these pages, people from all walks of life share
their stories of triumph over tragedy. More importantly,
they reveal how they were strengthened as they passed
through the Refiner’s fire.

They became more precious, and so can you.

Read stories from popular authors:

Shirley Bahlmann
Willard Boyd Gardner
Merrill Osmond
Tristi Pinkston
Muriel Sluyter
And many more!

I am so excited about this project and would appreciate any help anyone can give me!

By the way, I am now accepting personal stories of triumph over tragedy or trials for the sequel to Forged in the Refiner's Fire called No Pressure, No Diamonds. Just email me with your story.

Alvin Update: He has some more tests this week but it is entirely possible, even probable, assuming everything continues to go the way it is, that he will be having his transplant in April. We are praying hard that this continues forward!

Major blood donation (for more genetic testing) on Tuesday.

Thalium Stress Test on Wednesday.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy a few pictures that made just sigh or laugh.



and I'm not much of a cat person, but these made me laugh!



and, I never did like Tinkerbell!
Just too spiteful and ornery!

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