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A Roar for Powerful Words

Tristi Pinkston awarded me the A Roar for Powerful Words award. Thanks, Tristi!

Apparently I have to give three tips for writing.

1. Write every single day. Even if it is only a paragraph and your muse took an extended vacation, write every single day. In doing this you establish a pattern your brain and creative forces will begin to follow.

2. Write what you know. If you decide you want to write something outside of what you know learn the value of research, research, research! That's how you come to know what you once did not.

3. Read. Read. Read. Make sure you are reading authors that can write. In other words, if you immerse yourself in Patricia Cornwell books you're going to write like her. She tells a great story but is a terrible writer. If you're reading sub-standard authors you're going to become a sub-standard writer.

I'm going to give this award to Muriel, LDS Publisher, Dan, Wendy and Linda.

I'm instituting a new section at the bottom of each post. It will be called AlvinWatch so that I can keep everyone updated on the transplant process.

AlvinWatch: We heard yesterday that there is one volunteer donor who's blood is a perfect match. In other words, her blood and Alvin's blood played nice in the petri dish. We're very excited about this. It's one more step out of the way with many more to go.

Alvin is home from the hospital and doing well. He had his first day back at work yesterday and said he enjoyed it immensely and had no trouble. He was tired when he got up today, but will be home about 3:30 and then he's going to sleep, sleep, sleep. All in all, he seems to have no negative side effects of whatever happened last week that caused his vitals to go crazy and temperature rise. So all in all . . . we're grateful.
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