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Politics: Right from the Candidates

It's helpful, in campaign season, to hear it from the horse's own mouth, so to speak. Now, now . . . here are a few video clips that I find quite enlightening.

Clinton admits she just decided to start listening to voters:

Huh, 35 years in politics, first with her husband and then on her own and she just found her voice. That's mildly disturbing. The reports came back that people found her too cold and unfeeling. . .how timely this ad was. Am I cynic, oh yeah.

Obama wants a United Nation . . . moving away from the politics of the 90's.

Very moving . . . doesn't deny he's a socialist and believes socialism is the answer for the United States of America. For crying out loud, every one of these politicians want a happier nation. The difference is how they want to go about it. Clinton and Obama are hard core socialists, in other words, the federal government is better suited to tell you how to live, work and play than you are. I don't think so. I hold dearly to the Republican belief, and the beliefs of our founding fathers, that this nation is for the people . . . and we the people want to have the right to work hard, dream and succeed without the government poking its nose into our professional and personal lives. We are the ones best suited to decide how to live, work and play. Not the federal government. Not the Democrats.

Fred Thompson's "virgins" quip in last Sunday's debate:

This anti-Huckabee ad, sponsored by the 527 group, Victim’s Voice, first aired in Iowa is being broadcast in South Carolina.

Wow! 1,033 pardons and his people keep trying to say that it was just drug dealers and the like, not murders. I believe the number of murderers Huckaby pardoned was in the double digits.

Rudy Giuliani pledges that on his first day as President, he will send Congress “the largest tax cut in American history

I like Giuliani. I want him as a running mate for Mitt Romney.

Now let's hear from Mitt Romney.

On taxes:

GOP Debate in South Carolina:

On faith:

Specifics on his proposed tax cuts:

Yes, Mitt Romney still has my vote. Many seem to find him insincere . . . I don't see that at all. I see a man who knows he can fix Washington adhering to the standards of the Founding Fathers of this nation. I see a man whose standards of honesty and integrity skyrocket above those of his opponents. I see a man who has already done in the private and government sectors what needs to be done in Washington. He's already proven he can do it . . . why can't people see that?
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