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Mitt Romney at Play and Writers Conference

I was cruising through the LDSBlogs webring this morning and came upon this Romney YouTube video on Sally Cay's blog. Thanks, Sally!

This is the candidate that Americans believe is too slick and too cold. His family sure doesn't think so. His friends sure don't think so. And I don't think so. I think Mitt Romney is one of the hardest working, most put together men I have ever come across. He reminds me of my father. He never stops working. Yes, this is the man I want leading the free world. This is the man I want for President of the United States of America. Mitt Romney ∙ family man, business man, statesman ∙ what more could we ask in the man who will occupy the oval office?

Mitt Romney also picked the endorsement of the Las Vegas Review Journal yesterday.

I know my blogs have been about politics a lot lately, but I'm also getting really excited for the LDS Storymakers Writers Conference coming up on March 21 and 22. Tristi and I are getting really stoked for the Boot Camp. Oh yeah, they put us in charge. We have our instructors and topics in place. We plan on putting the attendees through their paces so that they emerge with a polished and complete chapter at the end of the boot camp. It will be fun, informative and a great place to network with other writers, publishers and agents. The speakers at this year's conference are amazing! The classes even better! Tristi and I are also teaching a class on Internet Marketing/Blogging/Podcasting etc. We are excited about that as well.

I've watched the buzz grow on all the email lists and simply cannot wait to meet everyone at this year's conference. The spots are filling up fast, so now is the time to register for the conference. The Boot Camp is filling up quickly too. Trust me, you do not want to miss this! We want to see you all there so join us! The first LDS Storymakers conference is how I picked up my publishers. I went from unpublished to published in seven short months.

In all reality, good writers conferences, as this one is, are a huge boon to writers. You want to become a better writer? Read, read, read and go to writers conferences and soak up all the knowledge. At the LDS Storymakers conference dozens of published authors, publishers and agents will be imparting their knowledge, wisdom and experience in a variety of classes and plenary (fully attended or constituted by all entitled to be present, just in case you didn't know) sessions.

Reserve your spot now! Then find me when you get there!
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