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A Day With My Missionary Sons

Okay, first let me explain the "missionary sons" comment. I may have mentioned before that there was a time, before life became so incredibly insane, that Alvin and I had the missionaries over for dinner every Monday. We also would drive them around town so they could run their errands, do their shopping, etc. Over the course of time we became very close to a few, although we enjoyed them all very much.

When Elder Jensen, now Jordan, was still on his mission he promised me he would come back after his mission was over and we'd have a Lord of the Rings, extended version, moviethon.

Well, yesterday was the big day! Yup, it took us 11 1/2 hours . . . and yes, we were bleary-eyed by the time it was over. But it was so much fun! I think my butt was paralyzed by the end of the day. We started at about 10:30 yesterday morning and finished at 10:00 last night. Sheesh, I have never, NEVER, NEVER watched t.v. that long, sat in one place for that long, not done anything but socialize and watch t.v. that long! I think a part of my brain atrophied! But I have to admit, it was a total blast!

Anyhow, here are two of my boys!

This is Elder Jordan Jensen and he served in the Utah Provo Mission, along with all of our other missionary sons: Jordan, Jarel Singh, Joao Saraiva, David Woolsey . . . if I missed one it's because my brain is fried!

Jordan lives in Canada where he's going to school and working with his parents on some restoration projects. He's a farm boy at heart and from the moment Alvin and I met him we just welcomed him into our hearts.

He's my Lord of the Rings buddy! And by the way, I don't think I'm ever going to do that again, 11 1/2 hours WAY TOO LONG to watch t.v.

On the the 26th of this month, Jarel Singh, another of our missionary sons came to visit. Alvin picked him up at the airport and he's been staying with us. He and Jordan were companions for quite a long while, but he'd always said there was no way he'd join us on our Lord of the Rings moviethon. But he did, bless his heart.

It really was a lot of fun.

Jarel, blue t-shirt, is from Fiji, but he and has parents now live in California. He's working in Northern California but is planning on being at either BYU or BYU-Idaho by the summer or fall. He's a wonderful young man and we love him so much! He's Fijian/Nepalese, and he and Alvin just connected right off the bat. To me, I believe he's very much like what my sons would have been like had they lived.

We're enjoying our visit with him and ladies, if you have sisters or daughters in the early twenties age group, my boy is available!

Jarel is helping me move my office and library downstairs (and yes, it's a huge task and we still have a lot to do.) He spent the entire day, on Friday, helping me rearrange everything, haul my desk from the garage to the new office area and set it up. Always willing to help, always a sweetheart. We think the world of him! I am having so much fun visiting with him and getting him to know him out side of his missionary role, the same with Jordan.

Ah shoot, here are a couple more. Joao Saraiva is visiting family in California, but will be here on January 4th, to attend BYU. He's another of our missionary sons that we absolutely adore. All these young men are so fine! They were stellar missionaries, dedicated to the work. And now, that they are home from their missions and going to school, or getting ready to, we remain very impressed with them.

Every time I go to visit my friend, Linda, in Rigby, Idaho or my brother in Idaho Falls (who just moved to Rigby as well) I call Joao and we meet at Craigo's and catch up over pizza bombs. Now that he's moved here to Provo, which I'm very happy about, I'm going to have to find a new pizza bomb buddy!

So ladies, Jarel and Joao are both available . . . come to think of it, I think my nephew Sete is as well. Y'all remember him . . . right?

Cute, smart, sweet . . . he's the one on the right (my left, your right!)

He graduates in April with a degree in Sociology, was the captain of the 2007 BYU Cougar football team and we just love this young man so much!

You know, all these young men really have restored my faith in the men of this generation.

I think I feel a chorus of "Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me match . . . " Huh, maybe I should apply for a "yenta" job. Whaddya think?

Only sharp, sweet, daughters of God need apply!

Time to get ready for church. See you all in Blogland.
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