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Christmas Music I love

Tristi Pinkston and I are apparently up before the crack of dawn this morning...I mean really, I woke up at 2:30 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. How wrong is that! And then bam, I get an email in my inbox from Tristi --- she's up too! We need help!

She was talking about favorite Christmas songs and I thought of a few I like too. This is Donny Osmond's "A Soldier's King." Heartwrenching, really.

Isn't that an incredible song? Brings tears to my eyes every time. I am so grateful for the American men and women who fight for the cause of freedom across the world assuring our way of life is preserved. I'm so proud of them and wish every one of them and their families peace and happiness at this time of year.

Also - everyone, please don't forget to cast your vote in the "Best Husband in the World" Contest. We are celebrating six of the finest men we've ever come across. Please help us! Look to the right, you'll find links to each of the men nominated and then just below that the poll where you may cast your vote.

This is today's second post, so just below this you'll see the Christmas Tag I received. It was fun to do. Thanks, Mike.

Merry Christmas everyone!
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