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America's Armed Forces

Yesterday, as I was driving down to my sister's to babysit two of the sweetest children in the world (yeah, I was able to hold Baby Elias in my arms for two hours while he slept,) I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh show. There's no doubt the man must need an aircraft carrier to haul his ego around, but he knows what he talking about when it comes to politics.

He read from several different prominent newspapers (New York Times, Washington Post) regarding the progress in Baghdad, Iraq.

President Bush's military surge has caused drastic changes in that ancient city.

The merchants have opened their stores and are keeping them open late to take advantage of the late evening light. The parks are teeming with mothers walking and playing with their children. Children are playing soccer in the streets. In other words, Baghdad survived regimes of dictators and butchers, breathed and now is coming alive again.

Is the war on terror over? Oh no. It will never be over until every last lying, no good, lower than a snake's belly, vicious, degenerate, yellow bellied terrorist, and all who think like that, is dead. Is Iraq safe? No. There is much work left to be done, many battles left to be fought. The terrorists lost their stranglehold on Afghanistan, because of our incredible military. Now they want Iraq and the only thing standing between them and Iraq is the American soldier and the Iraqi military we have worked so hard to instruct, train and prepare to defend their nation.

We have the best military in the world. The American military code and honor is our strength. Our fierce defense of freedom and democracy is also our strength. If the Iraqi people want to be free. If they are willing to fight to the death for that freedom from oppression, fear and evil, then Iraq will emerge is a beacon of light and freedom in the Middle East, with the help of the American military.

I'm so proud of our soldiers. So many have picked up the litany, "It's taking too long. Get out of Iraq," and it goes on and on. Has anyone stopped to consider how long it took after World War II? Are any of those who wish to cut and run aware that Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany is there because of World War II and our need to help rebuild the country and keep it in check at the same time. It took seven years before Germany began to come alive again. Ramstein is still there and is a boon to the local economy. Are any of the same people aware that we STILL have an airbase in Okinawa for the same reasons?

If the American military left Iraq now it would be no more than 48 hours before she fell to Al Qaeda. The Iraqi government and military are not ready to fight on their own. I can't wait for the day they are, but for now, they are not ready. But Iraq is coming alive again. Her people are catching a glimpse and taste of the future, and it is my fervent hope that Muslim Sharia law does not destroy that flicker of hope in the Iraqi people. Democracy and Sharia law cannot exist side by side . . . so it remains to be seen what will happen in Iraq.

But this I know . . . the American military deserves every bit of praise, laud and gratitude that can be heaped upon our men and women in uniform. They have accomplished what I believed to be impossible . . . given a Middle Eastern country a chance to grow and live. It remains to be seen whether the Iraqis are willing to fight as hard for their country as we did for ours in the late 1700's.
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