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World - Stop Whining!

The other day I had a chat with a friend of mine who grew up in Algeria but now lives in France. He is Muslim, a physician, and someone I have really come to respect although we have a couple of HUGE differences. I am a Christian and am an American, a proud and fierce defender of both.

We have discussed Jesus Christ vs. Allah (although my uncle, who is also Muslim, says Allah is Jehovah of the Old Testament . . . hate to tell you this - but Jesus Christ IS Jehovah,) the United States vs. the World and a lot more. Usually we find our commonality in "a lot more," because we are polar opposites in those other two subjects.

He made a statement the other day, "the whole world hates Americans, you know." To put it in context, we were discussing Islam and its goals, purposes and desires to rule the world. I had asked him three questions:
1. If peace-loving Muslims do not agree with the Jihadist terrorists, why don't peace-loving Muslims stand up to them and regulate their own?

2. Can peace-loving Muslims live side by side with those of other faiths without instigating "conversion by the sword" or wanting to install Sharia law?

-- and --

3. Why don't peace-loving Muslims join the fight against the terrorists trying to destroy the world?
I sincerely want to know the answer to these questions, that's why I asked him. We are told over and over that Islam is a religion of peace. But in no nation that is ruled by Islam is peace, by any means, the watch word. Subjugation, domination, torture, unspeakable acts against humanity and so much more. Before I asked him my questions I made it clear I wasn't trying to pick a fight, be offensive in any way shape or form and I didn't want him to think I was attacking his religion, because I wasn't. I really, really wanted to know the answers to these questions.

He didn't answer my questions. He told me I didn't know anything about Islam and he wanted to know what were my specific problems with Islam?

I replied:
I don't like the way Muslims treat women.

I don't like honor killings, I find them reprehensible, deplorable and criminal in action and in fact, the ultimate betray of familial relations. Inhumane and evil, honor killings are a crime against the women of the world.

I don't like the "convert by the Sword" mantra of the nation of Islam.

I don't like their methods of governing their people.

I don't like the law which requires the killing of anyone, as well as their family, who leaves the religion of Islam. There's a reason LDS missionaries don't proselyte in Muslim communities. The far-reaching consequences to family members still in Islamic-ruled nations is unacceptable to all human beings, except Muslims.

I don't like the dictatorships which seem to accompany Islam nations.

I don't like Sharia law.

I don't like the "holy war" or jihadist creed.

I don't like the complete lack of respect of our God-given rights to worship according to the dictates of our own consciences.
Does any of this ring a bell? Forced conversion, forced adherence to law, forced behavior according to the dictates of a few unjust and unrighteous men. . .war in heaven, anyone? Didn't we already fight this battle?

Anyway, the things listed above were just a few of the things that I told him. He sidestepped all those with "the whole world hates Americans, you know."

I learned what I know about Islam from the Quran (really don't like that book, gives me a creepy feeling) and the book Islam by Isma'il Al Faruqi, Ph.D., which was given to my uncle by his Imam to help me feel better about his conversion to Islam.

Let me just quote a little from Chapter 6 of this book (which, by the way, scared the hell out of me and didn't make me feel better at all:)
Chapter 6
The Islamic World Order

By affirming the brotherhood of all peoples, Islam denies the concept of ethnocentrism and the doctrine of election. As a universal religion, it aspires to include all nations within the Islamic state. This chapter explores Islam's universalism, the comprehensive nature of the Islamic state, and the Muslims' vision of establishing a world order that encompasses all of humanity. (Islam, Isma'il Al Faruqi, 1988 59)
Oh yeah, that made me feel better. The people who kill their daughters and sisters when they are raped, because they've dishonored the family while being victimized, yeah . . . those are the folks I want in charge. This book was so scary in its matter of factness . . . there's a reason I will fight to my last breath before allowing Islam, communism or socialism to take over this nation. Anyway, this is where my knowledge came from.

He's my friend, so I tried to not get a little hot under the collar, but it's me . . . you know what I mean? When I say I am a fierce patriot and defender of America, I ain't just whistlin' Dixie.

My response went something like this:

Well, if the world hates America then they need to quit come crying to us every time something goes wrong. It was American blood that was shed to end World War I. It was American blood shed to end World War II (400,000 American men and women lost to Hitler.) It was American blood shed to protect South Korea. It was American soldiers who forced Saddam out of Kuwait. It is to America the world cries and whines when genocide, tsunamis, hurricanes, cyclones and earthquakes occur. "Why aren't you here? Why weren't you here before it happened? Why didn't you predict this tragedy would occur and stop it?"

George W. Bush is the leader of the free world, and America is the last great superpower. We are a nation of protectors, not attackers. We are a nation that promotes freedom and democracy across the globe. We are a nation that answers that cry for help. We are a nation that believes in basic God-given freedoms that are inviolate. Are we perfect? No. But we're the best thing this world has going.

And what do we get for our trouble? We hate you!

Okay, what is the world? Three?!!!!!

And by the way, I still don't have the answers to my questions.

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