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Wow, yesterday's post sure kicked up a firestorm. That is a good thing. It brings society's problems to the forefront and discussion ensues where hopefully a solution will be found. Of course, we can't fix the illegal immigration problem here on this blog. I'm just one person expressing an opinion, whether my sources are agreed with or not. I suspect at least one of the commenters really hates Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Certainly probably detests the Drudge Report . . . but that is neither here nor there. The debate was a good thing. Hopefully people have begun researching and learning for themselves the impact of both sides of the issue.

My sweet husband, whom I absolutely adore, comes right down smack dab in the middle of the issue. His father entered this country illegally after he joined the church in Western Samoa and was disowned by his parents. He joined the military and served our nation in the Korean War. Because of this service he was granted citizenship. He earned it. My father immigrated to this nation from Holland and went through the years required in the application for citizenship process. He stuck it out and became a citizen. A very proud one. We have other friends all going through the process legally. It's not easy. But they're doing it. Legal immigration is a marvelous thing . . . illegal is not.

But let's put that debate aside for now. Today we're going for warm fuzzy to hopefully soothe the savage beast aroused inside.

There is so much beauty to be found in the world God created for us. Someone on one of my email lists sent this picture yesterday and my heart literally sighed. Everyone take a look and breathe . . . again. And there, do you feel better?

Last night we went to a childrens choir fireside. My niece, Stormy, was singing in it and there we were, her very proud aunty and uncle simply beaming up at her.

They opened with Holding Hands Around the World which is a song that brings tears to my eyes with the power of the words and melody.

As the program went on they spoke of Scriptural Heroes such as Nephi, Moses, Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, Jr., Captain Moroni, Esther, Samuel the Lamanite, Helaman and his 2,000 Stripling Warriors and more. As each child talked of why any one of the above were their heroes the spirit filled the chapel. As song after song was sung by this beautiful little choir my heart was irrevocably touched. We can only be grateful that the music of children can cross so many borders and reach out across the world.

There are so many nations across the world in turmoil, even our own. If we can but look to the children and do all that we can to provide a brighter future for them while teaching them responsibility, courage, strength and the knowledge of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Redeemer then we have succeeded in what the Lord has sent us to do.

Sometimes doing what is good and right is not always the easiest. In fact, it usually is the hardest. But that only makes it more important.
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