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Announcing the launch of . . . by Candace!

What a joy it was developing fragrances unique to your individual beauty, strength and wisdom. Each was designed and named to bring great light and joy to your spirit. It is my pleasure to introduce you to . . . by Candace

Available for Purchase October 1, 2007

BabeInspired by friendship, comradery and woman this blend of Pomegranate, Grapefruit, Egyptian Musk, White Tea and Coconut will awaken your senses to a new day. (Womens Fragrance)

Bliss An exotic combination of Lotus Blossom, Water Lily and Egyptian Musk. Lotus Blossom is associated with universal identity, self-knowledge and spiritual connection. Experience this timeless fragrance. The mysteries of the Orient await. (Womens Fragrance)

Charisma ∙ This light fruity scent fills your senses like an ocean breeze. Grapefruit and White Tea beautifully combine to evoke prosperity and a dynamic presence. (Womens Fragrance)

Fire ∙ While creating this fragrance I had my book Forged in the Refiner's Fire in mind. Cinnamon with a hint of White Tea, and Pomegranate blend to create a fire within you. Recreate yourself into the most beautiful gold. (Womens Fragrance)

Grace ∙ Emotional identity, fluidity and the ability to accept change. Perhaps you are ready for a change in your life? An intense bled of Gardenia and Sandalwood will take you placed only limited by your imagination. (Womens Fragrance)

Hope Stroll along a garden path as you experience peace, love and compassion. You will feel centered and yet an element of unpredictability exists . . . Rose, Lavender, Garden Mint and a touch of Coconut to give you a hint of tropical breeze. (Womens Fragrance)

ImaginationYour heart will soar as jasmine and garden mint stimulate your senses. Notice the beauty surrounding you. Self-reflection helps you to see the myriad of possibilities which await. (Womens Fragrance)

Inspiration Excite your spirit, mind and body as Eucalyptus, Spearmint, and Egyptian Musk come together in a crisp and spicy blend. Awaken your creative identity with Inspiration. (Womens Fragrance)

Into the Light Peach Blossom, Grapefruit, Garden Mint, and White Musk will having you glowing from head to toe. This fragrance was inspired by my book Out of the Shadows . . . Into the Light, a story where love, danger and triumph of the spirit await those willing to fight for it. (Womens Fragrance)

Intuition ∙ This fragrance is uniquely feminine. With an inspired bled of bergamot, pear and green tea, rely more on woman's tuition as you draw in your man. (Womens Fragrance)

Mists of HeavenIt's fruity. It's floral. It's woodsy. Vanilla, Jasmine, Pear, Garden Mint, and Egyptian Musk combine in the most divine way. Find yourself walking in the early morning rain and other inspired frivolity. (Womens Fragrance)

Moonlight ∙ Plumeria, Garden Mint and Egyptian Musk combine to give you the illusion of walking along the beach under a moonlit sky. Romance awaits with Moonlight. (Womens Fragrance)

Muriel's Garden ∙ This special fragrance was designed and named with my sweet mother in mind. Rose, Garden Mint and a hint of Egyptian Musk combine in a delicious, subtle scent reminiscent of my mother's rose garden. Karlene Browning, the Urban Botanic representative, is donating 20% of each product sale of Muriel's Garden toward the Save the Sluyter Family Farm fund. (Womens Fragrance)

Whisper Soft and subtle, Whisper is reminiscent of moonlight under a midnight sky. Jasmine, Garden Mint and Egyptian Musk will envelope and illuminate you. (Womens Fragrance)

and for the man in your life, I currently have two colognes.

Cougar Inspired by my book 13 and 0: Reflections of Champions, this scent combines Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Egyptian Musk, and Cedarwood in a masculine yet crisp scent reminiscent of early fall evenings with cool nights, changing leaves and the promise of winter. (Mens Cologne)

Mountain Breeze ∙ This cologne was inspired by my wonderful husband, Alvin. Strong as a mountain and as a gentle as a breeze Oakmoss, SandalWood and Egyptian Musk come together in a blend perfect for the man in your life.

Chakra Package Designed around the seven chakras and the qualities associated with them, you may purchase this set for a special price.

Charisma (Root)Grace (Sacral)Intuition (Solar)Hope (Heart)
Inspiration (Throat)Imagination (3rd Eye)Bliss (Crown)

This has been such a major undertaking for one and all, but hallelujah, we are now launching these scents to the world. A worldwide press release will be issued on Monday, so place your orders now to beat the rush!

In addition, you may drop in on . . . by Candace for the latest news at any time.
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