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It's Official! I am now a licensed practitioner of Quantum Touch

I have just completed my training, have fulfilled my sixty hours of sessions and am now official. I am a Quantum Touch Practitioner. Okay, I can hear you asking right now, Quantum Touch huh? Is that a Superman thing?

No. It's really very cool. I popped on over to the Quantum Touch website and find this quote. Dr. George Webber stated:

"Quantum-Touch has become integrated into my practice of surgery for breast cancer patients. Pain is reduced, scars heal faster, spasms relax, depression and fear turn to hope and healing, and patients are aware that they are loved as well as receiving quality surgical care. Thank you for making this available!"

George R Webber, MD, FACS, Breast surgeon
Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center, Knoxville, TN

Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch, best selling author and impassioned promoter of Life-Force Science is dedicated to showing us all – believers and skeptics alike - not only how powerful energy healing can be, but how easy it is to learn, regardless of your age, culture, religion or belief system.

Applying the scientifically established principles of resonance and entrainment, in combination with specific – and easy to learn – breathing techniques and meditations, can have powerful and “miraculous” results by conventional standards. Perhaps one of the most important lessons he teaches us is that each and every one of us, young and old alike - regardless of our own personal belief system - have the innate ability to help ourselves and others. It is not the “practitioner” who is the healer, but the person receiving the energy. Only we can heal ourselves, just as only we can digest our own food.

Quantum Touch is a wonderful enhancement to current techniques or stand-alone therapy that is also effective from a distance to reduce pain, balance emotions, care for pets, and so much more. This is the method I practice, although I'd hardly call myself a beginner. Throughout the course of my life I have always sought natural or alternative healing when possible. Of course, sometimes it is absolutely necessary to go the doctor, I know that better than anyone.

But I became quite enamored of this technique and quickly desired to become trained on it. Which I did. It has been amazing journey and one I am so proud to have completed. It enabled me to take all I have learned in the past, join it with what I learned from Quantum Touch and become a practitioner.

Now, I'll be taking on clients and having a blast. The especially wonderful thing about this career choice is I can work it around my writing, my husband's health issues and family. Indeed, the best of all worlds. For better understanding of exactly what Quantum Touch is, check out my Quantum-Touch blog at
It's Official! I am now a licensed practitioner of Quantum Touch It's Official! I am now a licensed practitioner of Quantum Touch Reviewed by Candace Salima on Sunday, September 16, 2007 Rating: 5