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Ahmadinejab in the U.S.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejab is in the United States of America. We let an evil man who is a progenitor of terrorism, acts of war (sending Iranian troops into Iraq to attack and our soldiers), genocide and frankly, the biggest nutjob walking the planet right now, waltz right into this country without hesitation

Why do I say this? For a number of reasons. I used to do a podcast, which I hope to get organized to start again soon. One of the men I interviewed was Jay Case, who is currently completing his doctorate in Terrorism under the tutelage of Dr. Sean Anderson, one of the foremost experts on the subject. This is when I first learned of Ahmadinejab. Here are some of the reasons he's a nutjob, a very dangerous evil one, but a nutjob.

Point 1: He believes the 12th Imam will return at the height of the apocalypse and either (this is where it gets a little fuzzy): Kill all infidels (everyone who is not Muslim); or Jesus Christ will come and say, "I have always worshiped Allah and my followers have had it wrong all these years," then Jesus will be a slave at the feet of Allah (I'm offended just typing that) and all the infidels will be killed; OR the 12th Imam will convert Jesus Christ yada, yada, yada and again ending with all the infidels being killed. In other words, the nutjob wants everyone who doesn't believe what he believes to be killed.

Oh, did I mention that the 12th Imam has been hiding in a well for thousands of years? Oh yeah, poor little guy must be completely deranged by now.

Point 2: Said nutjob believes it is his solemn duty to usher in the apocalypse and the return of the 12th Imam.

Point 3: Nutjob believes that the holocaust never happened.

Point 4: Nutjob intends to wipe Israel off the map.

Need I go on? Oh, I can. Even the Iranians have grown weary and exceedingly concerned about their delusional and dangerous leader's behavior and thought processes. He had the road between the 12th Imam well and the city rebuilt, presumably so the little guy won't stumble on a pebble and fall to the ground. Which after being kept in a cold, dark, dank well all these years, most likely would happen.

The University of Columbia has adamantly refused to cancel the nutjob's visit to the campus. The AP reports: "University President Lee Bollinger has resisted requests to cancel Ahmadinejad's speech this year but promised to introduce the talk himself with a series of tough questions on topics including the Iranian leader's views on the Holocaust, his call for the destruction of the state of Israel and his government's alleged support of terrorism."

Oooh, that'll keep everyone safe. Friends, this is as if Adolf Hitler were extended a personal invitation to come to the land of the free and the home of the brave to explain to us why he was bent on world domination and the destruction of all Jews.


Update: I was cruising the news sites for my In the News section of my blog page and found this. How ironic!

So let me simply say this. It is the standard M.O. of nutjob Muslims to issue three warnings. Bin Laden is hard at work issuing his current three (although, I believe he has completed that with his last video) and Ahmadinejab is here for his second visit to issue another warning to the U.N. Did all the left wing media forget that?

Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney has called for the arrest of Mahmoud Ahmadinejab. I like that. Giuliani refused to let another nutjob into New York City while he was still major. I liked that.

Do you all want to know what happens after the third warning . . . need I remind you of September 11th, the attack on the U.S.S. Cole, the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon and on and on and on . . . terrorist attacks did not begin with September 11th. Our citizenry simply woke up for a brief moment before nestling back in their beds with their covers over their heads.

So let me close with this. Jesus Christ is my God and the Son of God, Heavenly Father. I believe them to be two separate and distinct personages who are one in heart, mind and intent. He is not, nor will He ever be showing up anytime soon, or ever, to say He's been Muslim all along. He is the Everlasting Prince of Peace, the God of this world and our Savior and Redeemer.

The 12th Imam is a sad, dangerous little fairytale concocted to keep those Muslims who believe in him in a constant state of anxiety and chaos. (Ushering in the apocalypse. Please, let's not rush to total destruction.)

The minions of Satan may kick against the pricks for millennia but Jesus Christ WILL triumph in the end. All righteous people, of all faiths, will be gathered under the arm of His protection and peace will reign on this earth. Finally. I will follow Him wherever He leads me, for I know that He would never cause me to harm another unless the danger was imminent. He would never insist I convert or kill every single person in the world. He would never, never rule with hatred, vitriol and violence, for He is the Prince of Peace. I choose Jesus Christ.

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