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100 Things About Me

As always, when I need it, I start out a blog with a beautiful picture. This is of a farm in the early morning sunrise.

It seems that in Bloggerland there is a tradition upon your 100th post that you write 100 things about yourself. I really have to ask, who comes up with stuff? I bet they're related to the guy who came up with the scrum in rugby. Or maybe they're related to the guy who decided that cleaning house was a woman's job . . . you gotta wonder about these people.

Nevertheless, here I am -- writing 100 things about me, even though it is not my 100th post. This one will be 86, I think. But I always break certain rules to make myself feel better about all the rules I do keep. Yeah, you guessed it . . . this is one of them. So here goes, I'm not sure that it will be very easy, but here it goes.

1. I am a writer and have published three books and two booklets.

2. I was born in San Diego, California while my biological father was stationed on Coronado Island.

3. I went to twenty-four elementary schools.

4. I went to 3 junior highs my seventh grade year.

(Don't ask on 3 and 4 -- but it wasn't my fault.)

5. I love hot fudge/caramel brownie sundaes made with moose tracks ice cream created by Brick Oven. What fun is it if you have to make yourself? I restrict myself to one of those a year. My friends Merrill and Debbie were a bad influence last year as I had four over the course of the year!

6. Alvin and I were friends, dated, engaged, broke up, engaged and married . . . all in twelve years. Yeah, I know. That's kinda speedy, but we were crazy young kids. What were we to do?

7. I am married to the love of my life.

8. I love all the colors of the sunset.

9. My favorite season is fall.

10. My favorite music group or artist is . . . is . . . the Osmonds, Gary Morris, Josh Groban, Luther Vandross with Gregory Hines and Ronan Tynan, don't MAKE me choose.

11. My favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Jayne Ann Krentz and Kay Hooper.

12. I lived in California, Nebraska, Montana, Utah, Montana, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Colorado (and then I turned 18,) Idaho, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Utah, California and finally stayed put in Utah. Sheesh, no wonder my husband can't get me out of this house. It's going to take a stick of dynamite to move me now.

13. I love the tops of the mountains at sunrise.

14. I own 3, 248 books and counting.

15. I am a member of LDS Storymakers.

16. I am the daughter of a father that survived Hitler's invasion of his homeland.

17. I was raised in the country. Although I've assimilated well into the city, I will always be a country girl at heart. And no, I never had the "F-chick" hairdo. And no, I do not know what the "F" stands for. Probably don't want to know.

18. There are very few things I love more than curling up with a good book, a warm quilt and a cup of hot chocolate on blustery Winnie the Pooh day.

19. I had open heart surgery when I was barely eighteen years old. (That was not fun, believe me! But at least the surgery was performed by Elder Russell M. Nelson (he was just Dr. Nelson then.))

20. I love to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

21. One of my favorite things is when my ten month old nephew curls into my body, wraps his little arm around my neck, rest his head on my shoulder and sleeps. Really, is there very much in life that is sweeter than that?

22. I am a Quantum-Touch practitioner.

23. I am very knowledgeable about herbs and alternative healing.

24. I love BYU Football . . . I mean REALLY LOVE BYU FOOTBALL! I know, I've kept that pretty quiet, but it had to come out some time.

25. I am deeply involved in politics and currently serve as my precinct chair.

26. I miss the hair I had in the 80's and 90's . . . it was five minutes and I was out the door. Man menopause really stinks, well except for all the good stuff!

27. I used to be addicted to Mountain Dew, okay maybe I still am . . . just a little. Don't tell Debb.

28. I have survived 44 years and it will only get better from here.

29. I am a gardener who can't tell the difference between a plant and a weed. Hence the purchase of plants already growing.

30. I appeared on the Phil Donahue Show defending my church in April of 1993.

31. I have been interviewed on a radio show five times.

32. I have a podcast called Imagine.

33. I have a business called Salima Enterprises, LLC.

34. I intend to have a publishing house, movie company and record label within ten years. I just hope I'm not too old to do anything with it by then.

35. I have written four screenplays.

36. I studied the life of the prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr. for two years. His life was broken out into colors and placed on index cards interspersed with American history, religious history, political history, socio-economic history, literary and artistic history.

37. My major in college was English Non-Teaching (no such thing as Creative Writing at BYU then) with a minor in History.

38. I have the BEST friends in the world.

39. My family is second to none.

40. I am happy and very blessed.

41. I love family history and genealogy.

-----MAN, this is hard. 100 things, really? Where is that guy, he needs a serious talkin' to!

42. I am co-writing a book with someone I admired so much as a teenager, Merrill Osmond. Who says life isn't odd?

43. I am directly descended from William the Conqueror, Henry I, Queen Matilda and Henry II --- where the heck is all my money, my kingdoms, thrones and principalities. Where the heck is my tiara?

44. Back to reality, I really love the movie The Mummy.

45. I hate to clean. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hate to clean.

46. I don't like to do laundry.

47. I clean and do laundry anyway because I don't like using a guide dog to get out the front door of my home.

48. My husband is the coolest husband in the world, but he can't win the contest anyway.

49. The Utah Chapter of the Beautiful Bodacious Babbling Blogging Babes is underway. Many gifts are being donated for door prizes for the first luncheon we are having.

50. When given the time and inclination I can put away five books in one day. Really. Can't remember the last time I had the time to do it, but I could if I wanted to and that's the important thing. Right?

51. I wrote Out of the Shadows . . . Into the Light in six weeks. Dreams Die Hard is approaching three years. Yeah, not the quickest sequel to ever hit the shelves.

52. I studied under the top story structurist in Hollywood, Paul Gray, for two years and learned more than I did all my years in college. Shhh, don't tell my mom.

52. I had to turn down an offer on a screenplay because the production company turned out to be a soft porn company. Man, that was a serious letdown. I'm pretty sure I don't want to know the changes they were going to make to my story.

53. I have three major comfort meals: spaghetti, garlic toast, corn and salad; roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad and homemade bread; and taco salad.

54. I can make 52 main dishes, well.

55. I've seen the movie White Christmas at least 75 times. So sue me, I love Danny Kaye and the music in that movie.

56. I attended both Ricks College (oh yeah, that would be the Lord's school) and BYU Provo.

57. I have been on two national book tours.

58. I have friends in high places who can do absolutely nothing for me except be a good friend. Which in the scheme things this is a good thing . . . but it sure would be nice . . .

59. I re-read Kay Hooper's Bishop Series every time a new book in the series comes out.

60. I am currently writing four books.

61. I am a new fan of the The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and The Lord of the Rings - The Motion Picture Trilogy. The movies are what pulled me in.

62. I like to absolutely end in a prepositional phrase on occasion as well as split my infinitives.

63. Grammar is my greatest weakness in writing. Betcha didn't guess that.

64. I'm addicted to Food Network.

65. Love Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Rockinest show ever!

66. I like to use adjectives, adverbs and exclamation points, no matter what the experts say. Yes, that means you Chip MacGregor, Annette Lyon and Heather Moore.

67. I really hate making lists, have I mentioned that?

68. I am being overun by books and research in my office. We're in the process relocating it to the downstairs family room.

69. I spent 3 1/2 hours coercing three men to take a monster desk apart and load it into my truck so that I could drive it to Utah from Colorado. Yes, that would be the desk that is in pieces in my garage waiting to be put together in my new office.

70. If I could line every lawyer in the nation up and force them to work a farm for six months, it would make me the happiest woman in the world, better yet, put 'em on the front line in Iraq. Yes, there is more to that story that you will never hear.

71. I love 501s. I'd wear nothing but nice shirts and 501s every day if I could get away with it. Sadly, one of my best friends would give a fashion model a run for her money. So I definitely feel the need to trade out the 501s for some nicer clothes on occasion. Serious bummer!

72. I have a Ford Ranger Truck and I love it. I reiterate, "No, I am not an F-Chick." Again, I don't know what that stands for, just what it means.

73. I am a Xo├žai distributor. That would be the chocolate of the gods for those not in the know.

74. My husband and I TiVo every single show we watch. Every two or three Saturdays I sit down on the couch, veg and watch as many shows as I can get in a single day.

75. I never miss a BYU football game.

76. I am the sixth of twelve children.

77. I am, without a doubt, the coolest aunty in the world. That is my story and I'll stick to it 'til the day I die. Oh yeah, I'm not going to die. I decided long ago to be twinkled. I guess I better let Heavenly Father in on that little plan.

78. I love history. I could absolutely immerse myself in history but I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up indoor plumbing.

79. I could listen to Gregory Hines and Luther Vandross sing Nothing Better Than Love over and over and over.

80. I have the sweetest nephews and nieces in the entire world.

81. Quiddler is my favorite game, bar none . . . well, expect for Trivial Pursuit.

82. I like taking walks up the canyon with my friend and end with three tortuous climbs up the stairs from hell. Anyone from Utah County knows where those stairs are.

83. I river-rafted down the Colorado River, through the Grand Canyon and down into Lake Mead for nine days. We hit rapids that literally turned us on end . . . once was enough. I'm never doing that again.

84. I hate roller coasters.

85. The best booksigning I ever had I signed 150+ copies of 13-0: Reflections of Champions. I guess I better own up to the fact that the only reason I signed that many copies is because LaVell Edwards was sitting right next to me signing the books as well. I tried to convince to him to accompany me on every booksigning thereafter, but I couldn't tear him away from the golf course.

86. If I could meet anyone who ever lived in the entire history of the world it would be Jesus Christ.

87. Running a close second would be Adam and Eve. Yes, I'm counting that as two different items. Are you kidding me? Have you ever tried to come up with 100 things about yourself. T'aint an easy thing!

88. While I was a latecomer to Blogland I find myself a comfortable and contented citizen.

89. I love movies.

90. I love books.

91. I love BBQs in the park.

92. I love the colors of fall as the leaves began to change.

93. Tristi Pinkston is my backdoor neighbor.

94. I have a new line of fragrances launching October 1st known as . . . by Candace. Check it out here!

95. I can design websites, I just don't like to.

96. I grew up on the back of a horse in the mountains of the American West and miss that so much!

97. I would be the happiest woman in the world if I could just travel around doing firesides sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

98. I can only remember two jokes. I'll tell them to you at another time.

99. I deserve to make $10,000 a month . . . I make considerably less. I'm not sure what happened.

100. I love breaking certain rules, like this one. I'm still shy of a 100 posts and I'm posting this anyway. Ha!

Have a great day one and all! My brain is now officially mush.
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