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Obama and His Unholy Gang

Obama and his unholy gang are like rabid dogs, frothing at the mouth, snapping and snarling at everyone who does not genuflect and shut up. Stupidity is running rampant in the Obama Administration. Who will draw their cancerous wrath now?

During Obama's campaign he blackballed any reporter, television or radio station who dared to call him what he was, a socialist. Hard-hitting questions weren't allowed and those stations were cut off.

Then Americans became fed up with his antics and his unholy desire to destroy America as a republic and build it back up into a communist society. So they gathered together, by the millions, and participated in rallies, emailing, phone and fax campaigns and raged at Obama and his unholy gang of thieves, demanding they STOP, as is their right as citizens of this great nation, in the destruction of America. So with foam dropping from his fangs, Obama let loose his equally rabid minions on hard-working Americans and had them declared right-wing extremists and domestic terrorists.

Then healthcare came onto the scene and Americans got a look at what the 111th Congress, under the guidance of the head rabid dog, Obama, was crafting and hit the proverbial ceiling. No, senators and congressmen didn't read the legislation but Americans did and we took to the streets again and demanded the inhumane and monstrous legislation be stopped cold. So Nancy Pelosi, who frightens small children with her overly botoxed face, started attacking hard-working Americans.

Then the collective giant rabid head of the Obama Administration turned its bloodshot, crazed eyes on FoxNews. Immanuel and Axelrod took to the airwaves and began the collective ridiculing of FoxNews, whose viewership immediately jumped 20% in response to the schoolyard bullying which is the staple of Chicago-style politics. The White House press secretary began making snide little comments any time a FoxNews reporter asked a question. Anita Dunn, in all her glorious idiocy, picked up the hammer and took her turn at FoxNews. And on it went, turning this White House into, in the eyes of the world at large and certainly in those of an angry nation, a farcical rabid dog who had lost all sense of rhyme and reason.

While Obama wrings his hands and dithers about how many troops to send to Afghanistan, American lives are being lost. While Anita Dunn memorializes Mao Zedong in the same breath with Mother Teresa, Obama's 40+ czars continue to spout their anti-American, anti-Constitution, pro-communist agendas while Obama continues on his perpetual campaign to "make people 'like' him."

Barack Obama is the neighborhood bully. Plain and simple, there is no other way to put it. You either see things his way or your toast. Barack Obama cannot STAND to be challenged. He prevaricates, stammers and stutters his way through his threats. Compares Nancy Pelosi to a washerwoman wielding the mop of change, cleaning up the mess left behind by previous administration. He remains unwilling to accept responsibility and runs his czars out in front of the public like so much cannon fodder while he sits in the corner, giggling as he rubs his hands together gleefully watching the fall of America. Oh yeah, the Teflon Don has nothing on Barack Obama.

Hey Obama, I'm serving notice. We can see you. We're on to your tricks. We're on to your sleights of hand. We're on to your lies. We're on to your communist agenda. We're on to your sheer unadulterated hatred of America. We're on to your cowardice. We're on to every single failing which has the brightest spotlight shining on it right now.

You cannot shut us up. You cannot shut us down. You cannot attack America and walk away unscathed. In November 2010, the Democrats will lose Congress and you will be left with no way to further your communist agenda. All who have chosen to attack the Constitution instead of honor their oaths and defend that divinely inspired document will find themselves collectively kicked out on their butts and men and women of integrity and true patriotism will fill the halls of Congress. You pathetic, traitorous son of a bitch, shut up or get out of the way, I don't care which. Just be aware that you are officially the worst president the United States has ever seen, and that took some doing. Your days are numbered and Americans across this nation are fighting hard to make sure you do not serve a 2nd term, even to impeach you before the first one finishes.

It is my suggestion you resign before you are impeached and tossed into prison for committing treason. It is my suggestion you fire your 42 czars and tell them to to get the hell out of the country and save you a spot, because communists are not welcome in the land of the free and the home of the brave. It is my suggestion you do not sign the Climate Change treaty in December, for in so doing you will sound the death knell to your political career. It is my suggestion you back off of Cap & Trade before Americans become so enraged they lose all sense of reason. It is my suggestion you drop the public healthcare option and fining poor Americans because they can't afford health insurance before Americans decide to run you out of town on a rail. It is my suggestion you drop all pretension of being American, admit to America that you are communist-Muslim sympathizer who will destroy this nation if you are left unchecked.

Man up, you lily livered coward. Your time in America is through. Stop before you shame your daughters utterly and completely. Stop before it is too late. For there are millions upon millions of Americans who will not allow America to fall. Do not try us. You will not like the result.

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.
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