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The Obscenity of the Self-Entitled

The title for this post is indicative of what America is facing. The self-entitled of this nation literally believe everything is owed to them and they do not need to work for it. This is a foreign thought process to those of us who were raised to be responsible. Any good American realizes that rights, privileges and responsibilities that come with living in a free land.

Yes, Barack Obama is doing his damnedest to rob us of freedom and liberty. Christianity is under attack from the government, from the LGBT community and the atheists. Our First and Second Amendment rights are being attacked from the liberal left, with any reasonable thinking Democrat jumping off the cliff with them. The Fourth Amendment is a thing of the past because of the Patriot Act, FISA Courts and federal agencies who feel the law doesn't apply to them.

On top of that, a self-avowed socialist who loves communism is our president. Another self-avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders, is drawing far too much attention in the 2016 president race. He is drawing massive crowds of people who have no desire to work for a living, but want everything given to them.

The Democrat Debate the other night was a race to see who would promise the most free stuff. Free healthcare, but it's never free and the cost of Obamacare is escalating. Free college. That means the community colleges cannot draw good professors and the students will be robbed of a decent education. Where competitive free enterprise ceases to exist, quality bottoms out. Democratic candidates promise illegals free run of America and free education and healthcare. Not one word about our veterans who sacrificed everything to fight for this great nation. Not one word about their care or even the desire to help them.

Liberals make promises and people who haven't done their research believe them. But we all know that candidates lie, it's just what they do. There are a few good candidates on the Republican side, (Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Bobby Jindal) but on the Democrat side there is only one decent person and that's Jim Webb. But he's polling so low he probably won't survive much longer. Democrats prefer cowards, criminals and thugs over good people. I don't know why, it's part of that self-entitled attitude apparently. Whomever promises the most free stuff will bring a huge amount of votes.

But there are those of us who believe in working for what we get. Who work day and night just to make enough money to survive. There is an old saying that is as relevant today as it was when it was penned the first time: An honest day's work for an honest day's pay. The self-entitled of this nation will not long survive after the Obamas leave the White House, and how I look forward to that day. I have to believe America has gained enough wisdom to never choose this path again. It is a path of the willfully ignorant.

Yes, I am unemployed. But believe me when I say that I am applying everywhere, working on freelance writing jobs, and doing all I can to start taking care of myself. Yes, I have had to have some help. But it kills me every single month I need it. I want, even need, to be the one helping others, not the one receiving help. Yes, I know I need to work on gaining some humility. But I was raised with an overpowering need to take care of myself and I am doing all I can to change my situation.

That being said, America must learn to stand on her own. We always have the poor and the widowed, but the more the government gets out of the way the more we will see prosperity begin to reign in America once again. Once more we will Reagan's shining city on a hill when freedom and liberty are once again the bywords. This will only happen if America stands tall and strong again. This will never happen under Democrat rule. In fact, we need a serious change in Republican leadership too.

May God bless this great nation and grant those of us who know the privileges of being American as well as the responsibilities bless us as well. We have a hard fight ahead of us and I ask God to bless us as we find our strength again.

Copyright 2015. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.

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