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Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party Wins

It is a good day for Israel, and America. They wisely overrode the foreign efforts to remove Benjamin Netanyahu and voted for his party once again. The party will now choose who will be prime minister, and it will likely be Netanyahu again.

America was very engaged in this election. Barack Obama sent his crooked election team to Israel to try and defeat Netanyahu. American citizens donated to Netanyahu's campaign, some of them quite large donations.

For me, I listened as Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the U.S. Congress. 

It was a powerful speech condemning Barack Obama's efforts to make a very bad deal with Iran. Netanyahu was right on every single point, and it was a relief to find a world leader finally taking Iran and ISIS seriously. 

While Barack Obama continues to golf, take potshots at Republicans and Benjamin Netanyahu, and generally make a nuisance of himself. Israeli's decided their temporal salvation was safe in Benjamin Netanyahu's hands. Arabs were bussed into the polls to vote, but it didn't work. The Likud Party took 30 seats, and with the coalition building in place, Netanyahu is certain to retain his Prime Minister Seat.

This gives me a small measure of peace. Israel's fate is closely tied with America's, in my opinion. I find it a sacred duty to support them as they fight for their very survival and ancestral homeland.

I know I haven't blogged much lately, but that is going to change. I'm going back to blogging three times weekly and will try to give you uplifting blogs as well as informative.

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