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In Light of the Washington Navy Yard Shooting

by Daniel Bongino, Former Secret Service
U.S. Congressional Candidate for Maryland's 6th District
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In light of recent events I am posting today as a former Secret Service agent, not a candidate. This is not the time for politics.

An active shooter kills someone, on average, every 15 seconds. Tragically, in these types of incidents the killer is not looking to negotiate, he is looking to inflict maximum carnage.

Heaven forbid you are involved in one of these scenarios, keep these points in mind. First, if an immediate exit point is available take it, but if it is a distance away then take the opportunity to lock a door, barricade it and find a place to conceal yourself. Second, avoid being caught in hallways and doorways. Hallways serve as "fatal-funnels" and fired rounds can ricochet off the walls. Doorways can silhouette your profile making you an easy target. Third, understand that if confronted you will have to fight back. These types of murderers have no interest in anything but death. Find an object and use it as a weapon, it may save your life.

It's sad that we have to have these conversations but in a world where your God-given right to self-protection is treated as a tradable commodity, I feel an obligation to give you options while others choose to take them away.

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