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We Have a President Who Believes Constitution is Flawed

As published in the Daily Herald - 8 April 2013

Editor's note: This is a personal essay from Candace E. Salima of Orem, who is an author and popular political commentator on Facebook and Twitter. UVU's Constitutional Studies conference begins on Tuesday.

We have a president who believes the U.S. Constitution is fundamentally flawed.

Barack Obama shows great contempt for that historic document. Obama believes this because he is a proponent of Karl Marx's "redistribution of wealth" philosophy. Because of this president's Marxist belief, an astounding number of people have followed that mantra.

The Constitution allows for the "general welfare" and "blessings of liberty" for all U.S. citizens. To me, this allows the flourishing of free enterprise without untold numbers of regulations from the federal government. The American Dream can thrive as a republic, but stumbles and falls under a socialist government.

Our national debt is nearly $17 trillion. Deficit spending is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Had our government abided by that which they were legally bound to do and not superseded its constitutional authority, we wouldn't be in this mess now. The U.S. Constitution clearly defines what the federal government is responsible for in Article 1, Section 8 and also defines the responsibilities reserved to the states in the 10th Amendment. The rest is the responsibility of the American people. Outside of the state of Utah and a very few others, the American people have abdicated that responsibility.

A large portion of this nation has been educated to believe big government is the answer to what ails America. They believe that self-reliance and self-responsibility are akin to a hiss and a byword. The greatest challenge the U.S. Constitution faces in America now is unvarnished self-absorption and apathy. We are generations away from being subject to a king.

Americans no longer understand how precious freedom is because they've always had it. My father was 4 years old when Hitler's armies invaded his homeland; that began five years of unmitigated hell. At 19, he emigrated from Holland to America and became the fiercest defender of freedom. He had suffered a complete cessation of this precious gift of freedom for far too long. He knew how sweet the taste of freedom was. This is what America has forgotten, the true taste of freedom.


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