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America and Britain, Allies

When America welcomes you onto her shores, you must come to contribute and to become a part of a whole that serves the people and greatness of the American Experiment. America was founded on the hopes and dreams of patriots who conceived a greater opportunity for the family of humanity. They foresaw a nation that would rise from the Americas, that if well nurtured, with the dreams and hard work of her people who would remain dedicated to the Republic that made it all possible.

We are a nation of immigrants, we welcome those who came to this great land through legal and proper channels. We welcome those who come here on the wings of dreams, and who know that this is the place to reach past the boundaries in their own nations to find that scientific experience that reaches to the stars. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished in America if you are willing to sweat that blood and cry those tears. Most of all, if you are willing to never give up, then America is the nation for you.

Embrace the heart of the nation that you want to call your home, or that heart will turn on you and it won't be pretty. You poke at the sleeping tiger and the heart of the lion, which is not a wise move. While we may have divided over two hundred years ago, despite the idiocy of the current American president, we stand as allies and friends. We will defend them, and they will defend us, of this I have no question.

I speak of Britain, the nation of my ancestors. My people left Britain in the mid 1500's, but I look at Britain as our brother in arms. The 25,000 Muslims, marching in the streets, who are demanding British voices be silenced should promptly be deported and banned from ever returning to that island nation. They come at the behest of their imams to take over the host nation by sheer numbers, and eventually turn it into a Muslim nation. 

The last time Islam tried to take Europe they got their butts whipped in the final battle, on September 11th oddly enough, and driven back to the Middle East where you've stayed for centuries. Europe is awakening to the danger within and is starting to fight back. It is my prayer that America awakens as well, very soon.

But back to my original point. If you don't come to make our nations stronger, then it is my suggestion you get out of America and Britain promptly, because when we start coming down hard on the enemies within, it is not going to go well for you no matter your nationality or religion, we will take you down. 

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