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Of Mice and Men

by Candace Salima, a News Corner USA Editorial
Originally Posted on 12 January 2013

I listen to the news every day. In addition, I comb through all the news sites in order to keep my thumb on the pulse of what's going on in America. As you can imagine, I don't get much of a true vision of what is going on until I hit social media. It's a time intensive process, but it is how I stay on top of things, and I've come to the conclusion we have become a nation where there are more mice then there are men.

This morning Frank Luntz was on FoxNews talking about "messaging." Apparently when we say we want a smaller government, liberals and the uninterested/uniformed lose their minds and promptly vote for the biggest knucklehead in the room. Luntz said we're supposed to use the language "more efficient government." This was just one example of Republicans having to reduce their language to the lowest common denominator so "they" don't misunderstand us. And don't be fooled, they do understand precisely what we're saying, but they don't want "smaller, more efficient government" to get in the way of their government handouts.

Let's take the "debt ceiling" debate that is flying fast and furious right now. Senator Mike Lee addressed the language problem perfectly, "We have to distinguish between default and failing to pay the interest on our loan, or allowing the government to shut down. This is very different, we must shy away from this hyperbolic language so that we don't confuse the American voter...the way to solve the financial problems America faces is to come up with a meaningful solution, like Cut, Cap and Balance, the legislation I sponsored. We need to say we'll raise the debt limit IF we see substantial cuts in the process." Senator Mike Lee is a man.

In other words, the Democrats are screaming, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" While the Republicans are simply saying, let's exert some reason into the dialogue, realize we can't continue on this unsustainable path, and let's get our spending under control so America can flourish." And what do I say? Let's stop the blame game, roll up our sleeves, and do what is right for America. Not what is right for the Democrats. Not what is right for the Republicans. But what is actually right for America. The Democrats are mice stirring up the other mice. The Republicans, in this dialogue, are men.

Now let's talk illegal immigration. Senator Marco Rubio is racing to provide legislation that will provide a legal path for the 12+ million illegal aliens in our nation, trying to beat Barack Obama granting amnesty to them all...both trying to secure the next election for their party rather than doing what is right. The Democrats throw around words like "fair share" which really means, "If you've made any money, we're going to take it to subsidize all the lazy people over there." Barack Obama and Marco Rubio are both mice, neither really addressing the problem and granting lawbreakers legal status for violating multiple American laws. If you REALLY want to fix the illegal alien problem, seal the southern border of the United States first, then deal with the criminals inside our borders. It's ridiculous to not plug the hole before you deal with the flood of illegal aliens. Ronald Reagan tried that and here we are again, overrun by illegal aliens.

Of mice and men...sadly the mice are running amuck in the United States and are desperately hoping to turn this once great, powerful nation into a namby pamby European country. Oh yeah, I said it. America used to be comprised of men and women who knew how to work for what they wanted. She used to have men and women who would protect their families, and strangers, at all cost. There used to be a nation, coast to coast, who stood for freedom and liberty, even laying their lives on the line for these eternal principles. But now, there are more mice then there are of this type of American.

We must stop leaving the education of our children to the schools. Be an active participant in the education process of your sons and daughters. Make certain they are being educated properly in history, English, math, etc. Everything else being taught in school should be taught by you. There are four things families can do to take control again, and take control we must, we simply cannot afford anymore mice in America.

Families need to work together. In so doing, parents teach their children a solid work ethic and the value of doing a good job. This is something missing in this latest generation, and the solution is very simple. Families need to work together.

Families need to learn goodness together. This means parents need to help their children internalize THEIR sense of right and wrong, not some idiotic public schoolteacher. Morals and values you hold dear must be taught to them, that they might recognize and understand the difference between the folderol being taught in the schools, as opposed to what really is.

Families need to pray together. Families who read the scriptures and pray every morning, and then pray again at the close of the day, build a bond that is unassailable. Praying helps children to understand the role of God in our lives, and in the world. In so doing, that which is good remains good, and that which is bad remains bad.

Families need to read good books together. One of my fondest memories of my childhood is when my mother would gather us together at the end of the day and read to us. First, she would read from a book like James Herriot's All Creatures Great and Small. She would laugh so hard as she read to us that tears would be rolling down her cheeks. After a chapter from that, she would read to us from the scriptures. Yes, reading good books together can teach valuable principles to your children, as well entertain them.

These four simple things, if faithfully done by families, will turn society around within a generation or two. We will stand strong again, able to be that shining beacon of liberty to the world. And really, do we want to be mice, or do we want to be men?

Copyright 2013. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.

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