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Mexico continues to complain bitterly about Arizona's SB-1070 immigration law. I find this laughable in the extreme.

Lawyers representing Mexico asked the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in a filing December 26th to uphold a lower-court ruling that blocked police from enforcing the ban. México argued the ban harms diplomatic relations between the United States, undermines the U.S.'s ability to speak to a foreign country with one voice and encourages the marginalization of Mexicans and people who appear to be from Latin America.

"México cannot conduct effective negotiations with the United States when the foreign policy decisions of the federal governments are undermined by the individual policies of individual states," lawyers for the Mexican government said in a friend-of-the-court brief. (FoxNews)

Really, Mexico foists its poverty class upon us, passing out pamphlets at the border detailing precisely how to break into the United States and survive without detection.

Senator Curtis Bramble (UT-R), early in 2012, identified identity theft by illegal aliens to be as high as 75%. My own research puts that number at 72%. But I think we may safely say that illegal immigration and identity theft are closely intertwined. In addition, my sources says these illegal aliens often purchase a new identity every three to four months to insure they are not caught. This creates an incalculable effect on the American people. But let's say we have 12 million illegal aliens in America (that's the low number, some put it as high as 25 to 30 million.) Calculating that out with the lowest numbers, that shows that 8,640,000 Americans are victimized by illegal aliens with their first purchase of any identity. From that point forward, it is incalculable.

News Corner USA's Tevita Toutai found that gangs and the illegal alien population is even more troubling, "This problem is further perpetuated as nearly 50% of all gang members arrested in 2007 in north and western Virginia were illegal immigrants. The statistics supplied by the Center for Immigration Studies demonstrates the magnitude of this problem in our country. Data of arrest performed by ICE in the same year illuminates that 75% of illegal gang members in the U.S. came from Mexico and El Salvador."

There are those who claim illegal aliens are paying their "fair share of taxes." I contend, that if they are doing that they are already breaking a number of federal laws. In order to work legally in America, an illegal alien must:
  • Purchase an identity, thereby victimizing one American within hours of crossing the border illegally.
  • With that fraudulent I.D. they open bank accounts, purchase housing (rental or mortgage), gain employment, credit, etc.
  • On a daily basis, illegal aliens are breaking a number of laws over and over, as they blithely go about leaching off America.
  • Sadly, the number one target for identity thieves in America are children. One particular illegal alien stated he felt bad "about using an American child's identity, but the kid didn't need it and he did."
If you've ever had to go a hospital emergency room after hours, you have to fight your way through the illegal aliens using the ER as a doctors office, thanks to the horribly misguided EMTALA legislation. Anything from the sniffles to a gun shot wound, English is scarcely found in the wee hours of the E.R. One hospital source stated that unless you were Latin and had a Latin last name, you had to pay no matter your circumstances. Illegal aliens, they get free medical care and the American people have to pay for it, as the hospitals then write it off as bad debt, and get a tax credit for it.

So Mexico's argument that they find it difficult to negotiate with America with SB-1070 in place is ludicrous. This is the same Mexico who held a U.S. Marine for four months, chained to his bed in a cartel prison. This is the same Mexico whose own immigration laws are exceedingly strict. This is the same Mexico who can't even control what's going on in their own nation, and they have the gall to complain about the U.S. enforcing our laws. Personally, I think we need to cut Mexico off for about ninety days and see how they feel about things then.

The United States of America is a nation struggling to pull ourselves back from certain economic destruction. We are a nation at war between two ideologies, "the gimme everything you have, it's mine" ideology, and the "work hard for what you have" ideology. Communism versus a republic way of doing things. The first burns itself out eventually, the second thrives with a responsible and actively engaged populace. So how about all the illegal aliens just go home, we can't afford you here. Period. And Mexico? Be quiet, you have more than enough to deal with in your own nation, largely that the cartels are running the show and not you. Tend to what's wrong at home, and let us do the same.

Copyright 2013. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.

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