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Act of War or Act of Terrorism

Last night Libyans gathered themselves into a raging mob, committed an act of war by attacking the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, killed the U.S. Ambassador, two U.S. Marines, and a member of the diplomatic corp. The Obama Administration issued a statement last night sympathizing with the murderers and apologizing for Americans exercising their right to free speech. Mitt Romney later issued a statement condemning the apology and said America would not tolerate this act of aggression. 

So let's boil it down. This morning, Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, issued a eulogy and defended Libya. Mitt Romney spoke and strongly condemned the actions in Libya and said we should never apologize for the exercising of our constitutional rights. Then Barack Obama, our piece of crap president, stepped forward and spoke.

The act of war against American sovereign territory last night was classified as an act of terrorism by Barack Obama. Thinking back, he declared the act of terrorism in Fort Hood as "workplace violence." This is one seriously screwed up way of thinking from Barack Obama who clearly shows, on a daily basis, that he is unable to lead America in economical times of woe, and he clearly has no idea what to do when an act of war is committed against our nation.

This conveys to me more clearly than ever before, that Barack Obama should not be sitting in the White House, and sure as hell should never be Commander-in-Chief. He is the worst, wishy washy, cowardly, wrong headed president we've ever had, bar none.

Facebook and Twitter are afire with Americans weighing on this extremely serious issue. Many agree with me, but others believe a slap on the wrist is the better course of action. Let me be very clear, cutting off diplomatic or monetary support will not work. An act of war was carried out against America last night. And your response is to agree to the slap on the wrist? Americans were attacked on our sovereign soil and murdered. How the hell did we get so sissified in America that any American would consider this similar to a bullying incident in the schoolyard? It's an act of war people! Americans are dead! I don't care who apologizes. Americans are dead. We cannot tolerate this.

It's time we have a president who know how to walk softly and carry a big stick, and more importantly, knows when to use that big stick. I believe that man is Mitt Romney. This thing I can say for sure, Barack Obama is not that man.

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