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Barack Obama's Lame Attempt to Diffuse Romney/Ryan Power Team

Barack Obama is so transparent it is laughable. From the moment Mitt Romney officially announced Paul Ryan as his running mate, Obama and his team launched what they thought was a "brilliant" Obama's Lame Romney/Ryan Website to convince people Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were terrible for America. But, as usual, Obama fell far short of his goal.

Obama's chosen tactic has to been to create class warfare, race warfare, and economic warfare in the United States of America. Desperate to deflect from his colossal failure of the last four years as POTUS, he uses the scattergun approach in the hopes that something might stick. So here he is, firing, and missing, again.

Obama and the Democrats quote this mantra ad nauseum, "the failed top-down policies of the past." So, let's take it from the top:

Barack Obama has a bone deep hatred of success. While it is perfectly acceptable to achieve success himself, every other successful person in America is his enemy...except those who open their pockets and give him money. As such, Obama doesn't respect business, nor those who run business, be it small or big. He despises Wall Street, his policies and speeches have proven this multiple times. So he can't begin to understand that if you choke off business, people lose jobs. So he can't understand how easing up regulation and taxes on big business creates more jobs and creates a healthier economy. Poor people do not create jobs, the wealthy do. You may not like it, but it is a rock solid fact of life. Keeping that in mind, let's begin the dismantling of Obama's Romney/Ryan website.

So Obama's "crackerjack team" created this site with Five Facts, as if that number makes it more believable.

Paul Ryan's Top-Down Budget is a Sham: They go on to quote liberal economists. However, Paul Ryan took his Path to Prosperity to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and asked for an analysis. This, of course, was the right and proper thing to do. So let's start with Medicare. Obama and his minions continue to spout at every opportunity that the seniors of today will be thrown off the cliff by Paul Ryan's Path to Prosperity, and yet the CBO says,
"The change would apply to people turning 65 beginning in 2022; beneficiaries who turn 65 before then would  remain in the traditional Medicare program, with the option of con-verting to the new system." Source
The CBO clearly states that no senior alive today will be affected by Paul Ryan's proposed budget. The CBO goes on to state that Ryan's plan would produce Medicare cost of 6% of GDP by 2030 and 5% by 2050, instead of the current trend of reaching 15% of GDP by the same date.


According to the CBO, Social Security under the Path to Prosperity would remain unchanged. The report goes on to state:

"The resulting budget deficits under the proposal would be around 2 percent of GDP in the 2020s and would decline during the 2030s. The budget would be in surplus by 2040 and show growing surpluses in the following decade. Federal debt would equal about 48 percent of GDP by 2040 and 10 percent by 2050." Source

As we are nearly at 100% of GDP for our current national debt, which Barack Obama has added nearly $6 trillion to, Ryan's Plan would have us trending in the right direction.

And as a side note, the single most critical change needed to healthcare is tort reform. Ryan's Path to Prosperity, as reported by the CBO states:

Several changes would be made to laws governing medical malpractice, including putting in place limits on noneconomic and punitive damages.

This would have a massive effect on healthcare costs as doctors would have to pay less malpractice insurance. As an example, my cardiologist (who is awesome) pays $500,000 a year in malpractice insurance. Of course, he has to pass that cost on to his patients in order to keep his doors open.

So, Barack Obama, that would be STRIKE 2.

Let's move on to STRIKE 3, Obama's claim that Ryan's plan would raise taxes on the Middle Class. That's a boldfaced lie, lets start from the beginning on this subject. The exact wording from Path to Prosperity states:

When the modern tax code was established in 1913, it contained roughly 400 pages of laws and regulations. Since then, the federal tax code has grown dramatically and now stands at more than 70,000 pages. In the past ten years, there have been more than 4,400 changes to the code, or more than one per day. Many of the major changes made to the tax code over the years involved carving out special preferences, exclusions, or deductions for various activities or groups. These special tax breaks and preferences now add up to more than $1 trillion per year. Both parties, and both the Congress and past presidents, are culpable in expanding the complexity of the code.

Ryan's plan calls for the following changes in the U.S. Tax Code:

  1. Reject Barack Obama's plan to raise taxes.
  2. Consolidate the six current tax brackets into two brackets of 10% and 25%.
  3. Repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax.
  4. Broaden the tax base to maintain revenue growth at a level consistent with current tax policy and at a share of the economy consistent with historical norms of 18 to 19 percent in the following decades.
  5. Shift from a “worldwide” system of taxation to a “territorial” tax system that puts American companies and their workers on a level playing field with foreign competitors and ends the “lock-­‐out effect” that discourages companies from bringing back foreign earnings to invest in the United States.

These are brilliant proposals to the tax code. These changes will make it so easy to do our taxes, and pay much less all the way around, while fostering growth in business and family medial income. It puts the money back in your pocket instead of the government's pocket. Because I contend, and always will, we are better able to choose how to spend or save our money than the federal government.


Moving on, Obama than claims that Ryan's Plan will gut the middle class. Excuse me while I fall on the floor overtaken by hysterical laughter. Barack Obama has reduced the number of millionaires in America. Gutted the middle class and increased the poverty level exponentially. There are 50,000,000, and counting, on the welfare rolls in America, more than at any other time in our history. Unemployment is at 8.3% or higher for 43 straight months. Bankruptcies are at an all time high, both personal and business. And Barack Obama accuses Paul Ryan of wanting to gut the middle class? The irony is literally dripping from that statement.


Obama then goes on to claim, with all the pompousness of a lame college professor, that Paul Ryan would end Medicare as we know it. First, Medicare and Social Security account for 41% of the federal budget. Changes HAVE to be made or there will be no Medicare or Social Security for anyone! I already discussed Medicare and the proposed changes by Paul Ryan at the beginning of this post. So Obama can't get another strike, but the sheer stupidity and the audacity of his lies should garner him another strike.

And moving on to his last ridiculous claim: Paul Ryan is severely conservative. Yeah, I'm not kidding. It's on the website, read it for yourself. I'm not sure when being fiscally responsible, abiding by the supreme rule of law as laid out by the U.S. Constitution, and using common sense became labeled as severely conservative, but whatever floats your boat, Barack Obama.


Barack Obama is the worst president America has ever seen. Any way you look at it, he has failed the American people and he's failed those who have gone before us, those who shed their blood, and gave their lives, that we might remain free.

  1. Barack Obama's spending is completely out of control. Unable to stay within a budget, it's been three years since the American people have seen a budget out of the U.S. Senate. In the meantime, Barack Obama has added nearly $6 trillion to the national debt, and continues to wildly spend as if there really was a money tree or golden goose. But the fact remains that our National Debt is nearing $16 trillion and showing no sign of stopping.
  2. Barack Obama's energy policies have nearly destroyed America's energy industry. Costs continue to escalate, just as he predicted they would under his presidency. Gas was $1.80/gal. when Barack Obama took office. Now it vacillates between $3.34 and $4.25, reaching as high as $5.00/gal in some areas of America. Electricity and natural gas costs have risen, and his all out war against the coal industry is being felt in every aspect of our lives, from the grocery store, to monthly utility bills, to the pump. And do not get me started on how much it is costing me at the grocery store now!
  3. Barack Obama's social policies have cost Americans dearly. With nearly 50,000,000 on the welfare rolls, and climbing, there are more Americans on the government dole now than ever before in American history. People who are dependent on the government for their welfare have no say in how that government operates for fear of losing the roof over their heads or the food on their table. With unemployment at 8.3%, this number continues to climb and it is deeply troubling, not to mention dangerous to the health of the Republic, which relies on the strength and courage of her people to survive.
  4. Barack Obama's Obamacare a.k.a. Affordable Patient Care Act is one of the biggest disasters to ever be signed into law. Over 2,000 pages, it has one or two good points, maybe, and the rest is socialized medicine on steroids. Then, if you add in his one million man civilian army, also funded by Obamacare, then you have visions of Hitler floating in your head. But, let's also consider that: Obamacare cuts $700 billion from Medicare, and the irony continues to drip with greater frequency with each ridiculous claim Barack Obama makes.
I could go on and on, for Barack Obama has committed one treasonous act after another against the American people. And I call it treasonous because every policy and practice by Obama is a direct attack against the U.S. Constitution and the American people. But the fact remains, that very few Americans are better off now than they were four years ago. In fact, 99.9% of us are much worse off because Barack Obama's Keynesian approach to economics has been worse than a dismal failure, it's been a train wreck. And may I remind you, Barack Obama is not the one paying the price, the American people are.

So don't be fooled by Obama's blatant, even foolish, attempts to distract you from the truth and facts the American people must not only recognize, we must face them straight on and rise to the occasion. Barack Obama doesn't deserve another four years, he deserves 10 to 20 in a federal penitentiary.

For a brighter tomorrow, vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. It is time that America become the hope of the earth again. America will only grow weaker under Barack Obama. But under Mitt Romney, we will become shining city on the hill again, and if we are to help others, we must first help ourselves. A weak America can help no one. Only the strong survive, and America will not only survive, but flourish under a Romney Administration.

Vote for America's Comeback Team, vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

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