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Sean Reyes Through the Eyes of His Brother

Kyle & Michele Reyes
As many of you know, my brother Sean Reyes is running to be Utah's next Attorney General. Many have asked me about Sean's qualifications for this office. While I could easily speak of his legal expertise and leadership competencies, I wish to say a word about some of his other qualities (if you want to know the other stuff, visit his website at 

As his younger brother, some have wondered about skeletons in Sean's proverbial closet. After all, siblings usually know about the "true" person, right? Well, let me say that from the time we were little, the "true" Sean has demonstrated a complete commitment to honesty and integrity. Frankly, it was sickening at times because he always made the right decisions after thoughtful analysis and research. He has been a coach and a mentor during times when I perhaps have not made the best decisions. He has been a stellar example to me in everything including: academics, family life, church activity, team sports, scouting, civic engagement, service, and most importantly, fighting for what is right. Sean has the perfect blend of competence, conviction, and compassion. His work ethic is second to none. 

Over the past nine years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work at Utah Valley University with wonderful individuals who are committed to student success. As I like to tell people, we like to "keep it real" at UVU by meeting students where they are and helping them succeed. I see Sean approaching this role of Attorney General in much the same way of "keeping it real." He has an open and collaborative leadership style with a high level of transparency. He studies issues thoroughly and at the end of the day, understands that his decisions affect real people. Sean is the real deal. 

The office of Attorney General will not define Sean as a person. When he wins, he will continue to serve in this new capacity with the same commitment to integrity that he has demonstrated for so many years. Sean is not a lifelong politician. He is a proven lawyer, leader, and engaged community member. Most importantly, he is my brother, and I am proud to support him as Utah's next Attorney General.

Source: Kyle Reye's Facebook Profile

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