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This Tea Partier Does Support Mitt Romney

I tend to read a lot of newspapers and news sites. As such, I often run across columns I agree with, and many, many more I disagree with. Today, in The Daily Caller, some self-avowed leader of the "tea party" announced:

The leader of the Tea Party Nation organization has a blunt message for likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney: Tea partiers will likely vote for you, but don’t expect them to get energized and campaign for you. 
“The tea party is not going to coalesce around Romney,” Judson Phillips told The Daily Caller on Thursday. “Most of us will vote for Romney, but we will not be out there with signs for him or in his campaign.”
Well THIS tea party leader IS not only voting for Mitt Romney, I will fight day and night to make sure he is elected. Because unlike others, I've looked at the whole picture, researched Mitt Romney thoroughly and know two salient facts: 

1) Another four years of Barack Obama, especially as a lame duck president, will be exceedingly dangerous to this nation and her people. He has stated over and over he's a Marxist and intends to break American down and rebuild her into a communist nation. All I can say about that is, over my dead body. 

2) Mitt Romney is unique qualified to lead America out of the economic quagmire. He understands, as so many don't, the differences between Article 1, Section 8 and the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. He's stated outright that a department that must be maintained by money from China, is on the chopping block. He's explicitly stated he will turn many of the government's services back over to the states to be handled at that level, which is how it should be. And last, but not least, Mitt Romney is a man of integrity, courage and strength who has remained faithful, and in love, with his sweet wife of 42 years. He and Ann have raised five wonderful sons who, by all counts, have become useful members of society, emulating what they were taught by their parents. They are the grandparents to 16 wonderful grandchildren. They have fought for and lived the American Dream. The Marxist or the Capitalist? Oh, I choose Mitt Romney every single time and six ways from Sunday. As the turn-around king, he is the man who must become our next POTUS.

Those tea partiers who have fought day and night over the last 3 1/2 years to save America, will effectively be throwing in the towel and tossing a vote Barack Obama's way if they do not rally around Mitt Romney as the Republican Nominee, which he will become.

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