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Plate Lunch Fundraiser for Alvin Salima

Our test run went so well, we are launching the first of several fundraisers for Alvin Salima's kidney transplant and all that is encompassed with that surgery and recovery. We worked out all the kinks, so this next one should run smoothly. Thank you to all of you who ordered, you are amazing people! We're so glad everyone loved the food.

Our first official plate lunch special is now launched. We are taking pre-orders for plates (we are shooting for 300 plates) which will contain the following:

Teriyaki Chicken (Grilled this time to increase tenderness and juiciness)
Teriyaki Burger
Kalua Pig
Chop Suey
Green Salad
Texas Sheet Cake

Plates are $10.00/ea. and may be picked up between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 4th at Lia's Polynesian Market (604 N. Freedom Boulevard, Provo, UT) where Alvin & Candace will be, handing out the plates of food.

Pre-order the number of plates you would like by emailing me, or leaving a comment below, with your name, phone number and the number of plates desired.

We are so grateful to Lia's Polynesian Market for allowing us to host our fundraiser there, and ask that everyone check out this delightful Polynesian food market. They have been hugely supportive of Alvin in this process.

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