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Is an Article V Amendment Convention the Answer

One has to look at the economic situation in America right now and wonder what will actually turn this behemoth headed for extinction around? I was privileged to interview Senator Curtis Olafson (R-ND) and Rep. Brad Daw (R-UT) about the National Debt Relief Amendment and the Article V Amendment Convention they are calling for. After extensive research I am now supporting this amendment and call to convention.

Listen to the interview, and then post all your questions. Let's get the dialogue out there, dispel the myths and misinformation, discuss the pros and cons, and starting making a difference in this great nation. It is time for the power to be returned to the states, and the federal government to be put back in its place.

Because I have researched this so thoroughly, I will be writing a series of articles on US Daily Review about this amendment, Article V of the Constitution, and everything surrounding it. Believe me, two states have already passed resolutions, 19 more have prime sponsors and several more have expressed interest. This is a very real movement the American people must discuss and understand thoroughly.

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