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Michele Bachmann Wins the Iowa Straw Poll

Although I believe the Ames Iowa Straw Poll to be horribly compromised by the machinations of politicians, I still am feeling an odd excitement that Michele Bachmann is the first woman in the history of the poll to have won. That's quite an accomplishment. For it to be a strong, conservative woman, no less, is astonishing.

However, I no more believe a person should be voted for because of their sex than their color, only their policies and voting records. If you're the man I co-host Buy Back America with, Tim Aalders, then you follow the money too. Michele Bachmann has been a favorite of mine since she first arrived in Congress. She has consistently come down on the right side of every vote that I have tracked. 

And the Ames Iowa Straw Poll? Well, it became such because Iowans had an uncanny knack for picking the winner of presidential races. However, once the politicians figured that out, they started scheming. They bring people in by the busload until there are so many who are not from Ames, Iowa, that the result is no longer important.

Not to mention, Mitt Romney, the GOP frontrunner didn't compete in the Iowa Straw Poll, so it's difficult to say who really would have won, and will yet win on November 6, 2012.

But all that aside, congratulations to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, you have made history tonight. The fact that you a strong, conservative woman just makes this victory all the sweeter. Savor the moment, you have earned it.

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