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Utah House Bill 0133 Must Be Defeated

Utah H.B. 133
Chief Sponsor: John Dougall
Senate Sponsor: None so far.

This bill must be defeated before it ever gets anywhere. I am vehemently opposed to it because of the shortsightedness of it. If you are healthy, then this policy is fine. If you have ANY illness or accident which might require you to have more than 3 weeks off you are screwed. My husband is a renal failure patient. With his upcoming transplant he will need 6 weeks of time off.

Without the saved up sick leave, which exceeds Dougall's proposed maximum, Alvin will lose his insurance. The transplant costs $250,000 and the meds $3,000/mo (rounded up.) The first day he is no longer covered by sick leave, as mentioned, he will lose his insurance and his job, because they will no longer be required to hold it. Dougall has effective signed a death sentence for my husband. Does he really think I am going to let this go unchecked?

Why did he not fully and completely research the far-reaching consequences of this? He said it's taken 2 years to create this legislation ... in all that time, he didn't stop to consider the downside of creating this legislation? I am stunned. Truly stunned.

Here is the location of the bill:

I will need all the help I can get in getting this defeated. My husband's life is at stake, and I will not give up. Every single one of my blogland friends who live in Utah, please call your local representative and get John Dougall's HB0133 defeated before it even gets off the ground. It is imperative. And just to let him know as well:

John Dougall's contact information: 

Home Phone: 801-492-1365
Work Phone: 801-492-1365
Cell Phone: 801-610-9402

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