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Time for the Federal Government to man up and take care of our own.

Having had the pleasure of interviewing both Sheriff Paul Babeu and the SAC of Border Narcotics Intelligence, I find I'm even more disgusted, and annoyed, with the federal government for leaving our men and women in our border states to fight this battle alone. Law Enforcement is doing all they can, but are undermanned, underfunded, and outgunned.

The drug cartels waltz in and out of our country, protected by cartel snipers and watchers, on our side of the border, as well as their own. They draw their inspiration from jihadists, who should inspire noone, commit beheadings and are now threatening to put IED's in drug bundles placed on the American side of the border to be picked up by drug mules. If anyone else, law enforcement, bandits or innocent, yet incredibly dumb, American hikers happen along and try to pick the bundle up, they will be blown to pieces.

When, I ask, will our federal government begin to take the threat at our southern and northern borders seriously? Illegal immigrants, drug cartels, terrorists, and criminals of all other sorts are waltzing into our country and disappearing. And you do nothing! Janet Napolitano says that our borders are more secure than they've ever been...she's either a complete and utter idiot who is either blind, trusting the wrong people, or is duplicitous in the war at our borders. She was the governor of Arizona, for crying out loud! She has to know that she is misrepresenting what is going on our southern borders.

The Obama Administration, instead of sending our border states the help they need, is sending billions of dollars, hand-over-fist, to other nations, both enemy and presently friendly. The federal government is ignoring their constitutional duty and simply leaving Americans to fight a severely outnumbered battle.

Sheriff Paul Babeu and Mike, the SAC at Border Narcotics Intelligence, have flat out stated they need 8,000 troops, troops who can arrest and/or shoot back, at the southern border. In other words, Congress needs to send money to the states willing to fight this battle, Arizona and Texas off the top of my head, and let their governors call out their National Guards to go down and DEFEND OUR BORDER! Time to stop sending money, hand over fist, to other nations and start tending our own back door.

We have amazing men and women in law enforcement doing all they can to protect America. It is time that America do all it can to provide these men and women with all they can to insure a victory at our southern border. It's time to man up, Obama, and do your job!

I am so impressed with each of them and pray for their continued health and safety. I ask that you do the same.

Thank you,

Candace E. Salima
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