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Addressing the Rantings of the Liberal Left

I have a group of acquaintances in Arizona who have some raging liberals amongst them. They argue frequently, left vs. right, via email. The right presents good strong responses, the liberal left resorts to name calling and swearing. I've been watching it go on for a couple of years, since Barack Obama and the far far liberal left came into power.

One of their favorite targets is Sarah Palin, and their favorite mantra is "Sarah Palin gave up and walked away" and "Sarah Palin and all conservatives caused what happened in Arizona last weekend." 

So here was my response to this email group, which will likely draw a number of emails containing untold numbers of expletives.

My response:

The reason Sarah Palin walked away from the governorship was one of expediency. The liberal left were inundating her office with multiple ethics complaints daily, each of which she and her staff had to legally address. She said they were spending all their time dealing with those complaints instead of running the state, and as it went on the legal bills escalated into the millions, which were Sarah's expenses, not the state's. Alaska was getting shortchanged because Sarah didn't have time to do both, although she was legally obligated to do exactly that.

There wasn't one single ethics complaint that did not go Sarah's way, but she had to address them all and the legal debt grew. She resigned as governor, turned the state over to her much less famous Lt. Governor, who would not be burdened with the overwhelming amount of ethics complaints, and set about making enough money to pay her legal bills. She accepted "expert" status at FoxNews, appearing and offering her opinion as a former mayor and governor on a variety of subjects. She wrote books, 3 to date, and has finished shooting a reality show for Lifetime T.V.

On top of that, she put herself out on the speaking circuit, garnering speaking fees across the board, to also chip away at that same legal debt.

As a strong conservative, and one I identify with and respect, Sarah Palin has also done her part to educate and restore sanity to the political climate. While liberals rushed willy nilly to pass one piece of legislation after another, each violating the U.S. Constitution, which remains as the rule of law in America, in multiple ways. Sarah Palin and other likeminded conservative Americans worked hard to educate the American people, find candidates who would hold to constitutional values, and help them win.

On November 2, 2010, we accomplished the purposes of a 2-year project and elected an overwhelming majority of conservative Republicans into the House of Representatives, whittled away at the majority in the Senate, elected 37 Republican governors out of 50 and an overwhelming number of states legislatures went conservative as well.

So to say Sarah "walked away" is a gross misstatement.

And just to add one more thing, Jared Laughner is not affiliated with any political ideology, unless you want to take into account two of his favorite books which are Mein Kampf (Hitler's biography) and The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. Laughner's motivations had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with delusions, rantings and ravings of a madman, who despite distinct mental illness, showed an understanding of right and wrong by asking for forgiveness before he went out and committed this heinous crimes. There is no conservative group or person who has called for or would ever condone this type of behavior. To suggest otherwise, as the liberal media and bloggers have done, is disingenuous in the extreme.

So ... do you think liberal heads will spin around at this response to their tired old rhetoric?

Copyright 2010. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.
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