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Break from Politics and on to Skin Care

Ladies! I have to share. You have to know that since I got my own television show I had to start looking around for ways to make my skin look a little younger. (I know, vanity thy name is Candace.) Everyone always raves about how young I look, but I see the ravages of time (and Dr. Pepper) which have occurred over the years. I've found wonderful little things here and there, but there was one thing I wanted to try and see if it worked before I shared. Last time I shared about lash extensions ( and I swear by Vivian and Kristy) and yeah, still swearing by lash extensions! Huge amounts of time saved. But now back to my face.

I've been using essential oils over the last few weeks to manage what's going on with my back. Largely, it is working. But I tried something else w/o telling anyone. I began using two particular oils on my face in the hopes that it would shrink my pores and give my skin a younger look. I kid you not, it worked. I asked Karen Hoover yesterday if she noticed any difference in my face and she noticed what I'd noticed. My pores were getting smaller and my skin looking better. I'm so stoked! No big money. No needles. No lasers. No chemical peels. I'm so happy. I'm not that fond of pain. :o)

Here's what I ended up trying. Be Young Essential Oil has two particular oils: Gergelim Baru (which is currently on backorder) and Palmarosa. Now I also use Oil of Olay's ProX skin care (that's what has ended up working best for me, another type of skin care might be your favorite.) So every night I would get a dollop of the night cream on the palm of my hand, one drop of the Palmarosa oil and 2 drops of the Gergelim Baru (don't ask me how to say it, I don't know.) I would rub them all together and apply it to my face and then go to sleep. It does warm your skin and there is a tiny bit of a sting, but not bad at all (if you try just the oils do 6  drops of Gergelim Baru and 1 drop of the Palmarosa - you'll regret it if you don't.)

My makeup artist Vivian Williams noticed the difference first. Then my husband and then finally I started to notice. I asked Karen yesterday if she noticed anything different and she noticed it too. That's when I finally decided to share with my Blogland and Facebook friends. Ladies, I am a happy woman. So take it for what it is worth. What worked for me, may not worked for you. But I wanted to share because it has definitely worked for me!

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