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Important Update: The Candace Salima Show

Important Update: I have been informed that The Candace Salima Show has been pushed back one more week. I'm sad, but I understand. My team is determined to have a product that sizzles and they say it can't be done in time for Sunday. This is our old promo, so the date hasn't been changed yet. But this is what the show is all about.

Remember, this is my new team and we just reshot all the shows this last Saturday. I'd hoped we would be able to get it done, but my director explained many aspects of the show last night that hadn't crossed my mind. That's why he's the director. He said we simply can't get the editing completed in time. So, the new premier date for The Candace Salima Show is September 26th.

Although we've been working hard since July on the show, the new team just came on board last week. They are determined that we start off properly and I'm grateful to them for that attitude. Everyone was working constantly, trying to get the first show with Mike Lee and Jessie Funk ready in time for Sunday, but there's no way to get the editing completed, the graphics and new opening created and the Closed Captioning done in time. Fox 13 has to have the show 7 days prior to air time ... so there's the latest on The Candace Salima Show.

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