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U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Lee Announces Formation of Military Advisory Committee

June 9, 2010 – Alpine, Utah – U.S. Senate candidate Mike Lee announced the formation of a Military Advisory Committee to assist him on national security and veterans' issues. Lee said, “I am very pleased to have the support of many wonderful veterans from across the state.”

Lee announced Brigadier General Bruce Frandsen (USA Ret), a leader of the Military Officers Association of America’s Utah Chapter and former Assistant Adjutant General with responsibility for the Utah Army National Guard, as Chairman of the committee. “Mike Lee is the strongest candidate in the race in terms of both his stance on and his understanding of the national security and veterans' issues facing America,” said Frandsen, “and I'm honored to serve in this role at this time.” Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, a former Navy Judge Advocate General (JAG), and former Congressman Jim Hansen, who served on the House Armed Services Committee will serve as honorary co-chairs.

Frandsen is also joined on the committee by Colonel Fred Allen (USA Ret), a Vietnam veteran and longtime veteran leader, who has accepted the appointment of Vice Chairman. Other notable members of the committee include Lt. Colonel Chuck Williams (USAF Ret), who served as an Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense in the Bush administration, Lt. Colonel Dan Hudson (USA Ret), who serves as a leader of several veterans groups in the state, and Lt. Colonel Ted Frederick (USA Ret), a former Professor of Military Science at the University of Utah. Also serving as founding members of the committee are several top-ranking retired command sergeant majors including James Slade, Richard DeWolf, Sid Cardon and Joe Spencer.

David Pyne, a former United States Army officer, who serves both as Vice President of the Association of the United States Army’s Utah Chapter and as 2nd Vice President of the Salt Lake Total Force Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America, was announced as the campaign’s National Security Policy Coordinator. Mr. Pyne stated: “This committee was formed in order to provide substantive advice to the U.S. Senate candidate on a number of critical issues, such as how to better prosecute America’s just war against the Al-Qaeda terrorists who attacked us and how to take better care of our veterans and their families.”

In addition to the announcement of the Military Advisory Committee, Mike Lee strongly denounced the recent votes by both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee to repeal the ban on allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military. “Repealing the ban could potentially threaten the viability of our all volunteer force. I support the current law and think it has served us well. All four military service chiefs have expressed their objection to repealing the ban, and for good reason, as doing so would likely harm morale, cohesion, and combat effectiveness of our military. ”

Mike Lee for US Senate Military Advisory Committee

Chairman—BG Bruce Frandsen (USA Ret)

Honorary Co-Chairman LT Mark L. Shurtleff (US Navy Ret)

Honorary Co-Chairman Jim Hansen (former member of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee)

Vice Chairman—COL Fred Allen (USA Ret)

LTC Chuck Williams (USAF Ret)

LTC Ted Frederick (USA Ret)

LTC Dan Hudson (USA Ret)

CSM James Slade (USA Ret)

CSM Richard DeWolf (USA Ret)

CSM Sid Cardon (USA Ret)

CSM Joe Spencer (USA Ret)

SFC Joe Hagan (USA Ret)

SSG Stuart Morris (USA Ret)

National Security Policy Coordinator—LT David Pyne (USA Ret)

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