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Mike Lee, Tim Bridgewater and Young Jake!

June 12, 2010 Reported by Jason Leonard. Host of The Apollo Report

The Story of Young Jake - Hit and Run

The scene of the crime was 605 South 800 East Orem, Utah. It was staging area 103 of the Orem’s Summerfest Grand Parade. An area assigned to the Mike Lee for U.S. Senate Campaign.

As Mike Lee was rallying his supporters prior to walking in the parade Mike spotted fellow candidate Tim Bridgewater approaching the crowd. The great gentleman that Mike Lee is, he calls upon his supporters to give Tim a warm welcome and a big round of applause.

Tim Bridgewater was late to this parade. He was clearly lost and unsure of where he should be. Tim gave little acknowledgement to the warm welcome and cheers of Mike’s supporters as he aggressively made his way through the crowd. -- Read On

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Volunteers Supporting Mike Lee for U.S. Senate, a Labor of Love
June 12, 2010 Story by Jason Leonard. Host of The Apollo Report

I had the privilege of attending tonights Orem’s Summerfest Grand Parade and meet the family, friends, and supporters behind Mike Lee’s run for U.S. Senate. I was very impressed with the true dedication and love these volunteers have for Mike Lee.

Some people say that the measure of a man is not what he says but the company he keeps. Mike has surrounded himself with some of the finest people who truly love the work they are doing.

I enjoyed talking to Mike and hearing his views and opinions. I have found myself agreeing with Mike’s approach to many of my key concerns with Big Government today. Mike has an outstanding image of what he intends to accomplish as a U.S. Senator. Mike has actual plans that will help him achieve his goals. -- Read On

To echo Ryan McCoy, this picture personifies the Mike Lee I have come to know. Here Mike is speaking to Alexander, the son of a Marine. Alexander has heard Mike speak many times, according to his father, and has come to respect and admire Mike tremendously. It looks to me as if that emotion is returned. What a powerful picture.

Learn more about Mike Lee yourself by going to On June 22nd, it is my hope you will cast your vote for the principled conservative that is Mike Lee.

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