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Barack Obama Considering Blanket Amnesty

It is time to flood the White House (202-456-1111) and Congress (Senate and House) with phone calls again, numbers included in case you don't have them on speed dial yet. ... the issue today is Amnesty for illegal immigrants. But I'd also throw in Cap & Trade, which Obama quickly resurrected with the Gulf oil spill. And definitely NO to Elena Kagan as a Supreme Court Justice. There will be more on that tomorrow.

Barack Obama, with every move since he invaded the White House, has spat upon the American people over and over again. He's mocked the Congress and they'd just stood there cheering and clapping wildly as they've been emasculated and our Constitution ripped to shreds. And now Obama is considering a move which will firmly move us from a Republic to a Dictatorship. Oh yes, now it's time to raise your voices and let yourselves be heard. That's a big fat HELL NO!

Salt Lake City's Examiner reports:

A Swipe of the Pen From Obama

"Americans are mad. They are mad at the sluggish economy, they are mad at the gulf oil spill and they are mad that President Obama continues to make mistake after mistake. Luckily for the President, he had the longest honeymoon period of any president in recent history. Unfortunately for the President, Americans are waking up from their slumber, paying attention and it isn’t good news.

"When it comes to the illegal immigration issue the majority of legal residents will not accept rewarding those who have broken at least one law. While most states face double-digit unemployment, busted budgets and deteriorating infra-structure, Democrats remain undeterred and march toward amnesty as a way to boost their voting block. This may explain the new Wall Street Journal poll which found 62 percent of Americans think the country is on the wrong track.

If the Obama administration attempts to deem illegal immigration (amnesty) into law, voters will certainly lament their feelings at the voting booth in November." -- Read Original Article.

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In response, Senator Orrin Hatch and seven other senators sent a letter to the White House, again reported in Salt Lake City's Examiner.

Forget Congress - Obama May Grant Amnesty by Executive Order

Imagine the possibilities. With the stroke of a pen 15-20 million illegal immigrants could be exempted from deportation.

In an attempt to bypass Congress, the legislative process and our Constitution which guarantees of the people by the people, President Obama has shown signs that he may sign an executive order that will throw sand in the face of the will of the people.

But will the executive order stand judicial scrutiny? If the six-month ban on deep-water oil drilling in the Gulf is any indication, the courts will surely have something to say about the legality of such a bold move by the President on a very divisive issue. -- Read More.

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I'm glad my senator, Orrin Hatch, has come down on the right side of this issue. Although my other senator, Bob Bennett, couldn't even be bothered. (Since he lost at convention he's decided he doesn't have to do anything anymore. Which only proves we were right to stop him cold at that very same convention.)

This is a critical issue which lends itself to the very survival of America. Our southern border has been breached by the Mexican drug cartels and our federal government watches, rubbing its hands with glee while Americans are murdered, kidnapped, tortured, raped and robbed. Cartel sniper points have been setup as far north of the border as three counties in and local law enforcement and border patrol are being picked off. Barack Obama has told Americans to leave the southern border cities ... AMERICANS WERE ORDERED BY OUR GOVERNMENT TO LEAVE THEIR LANDS AND ABANDON ALL THEY HAD WORKED FOR. By default, Barack Obama handed the cities along our southern border to the Mexican drug cartels.

We have a cowardly dictator in the White House. There is no other way to describe him. He caters to the illegal population of our country in hopes he can get the votes he wants to stay in power. Hence blanket amnesty, the Democrats really believe they can hold on if they make illegals legal. Because REAL American citizens are ENRAGED by the actions of our federal government. And we're cleaning house. So Obama is building his little civilian army, granting amnesty, killing the Gulf and Gulf states by doing nothing but pushing through Cap & Trade which will bankrupt what's left of the country after Obamacare.

So call, write letters, send email, Facebook about it, Tweet about it, talk to your neighbors, friends, church members, co-workers and educate yourselves and the public. Even now, only 18 months into the Obama presidency, our Constitution hangs by a thread, which Obama with trembling hands is ready snip, and our Congress is culpable.

Here in Utah we ousted our incumbent senator and have chosen Mike Lee as the Republican nominee. He is a principled conservative with working and scholarly knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. He knows our history inside and out so he will not repeat the mistakes of the past (Santayana). Mike understands how a Republic is supposed to work, and knows a republic is a superior form of government to all others, and thus will protect it and our U.S. Constitution, living up to his oath of office.

I've received emails and Facebook messages from across the nation telling me, "We elected our Mike Lee too. His/her name is ..." It's good news from across America, we are making a difference and in a big way. Come November there will be a figurative bloodbath in Washington, D.C. and Congress will be given notice.

Remember, you must hold your officials' feet to the fire, both now and in the future. Be anxiously engaged in the protection of America. Our military fights to protect us, we must give them something worth fighting for, that last bastion of liberty to the world. If liberty falls here, there will be nowhere to turn.
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