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Kudos to Arizona, You are standing up to your rights!

To all the morons who haven't read the Arizona bill I only have one thing to say: read the damn bill. It's only 16 pages. Oh wait, you can't read or speak English ... then go back home. Let me explain one more time: the cops can't address your illegal status unless you have been pulled over or arrested for some other clear violation of the law. There is no racism. There is no racial profiling. And Al Sharpton, shut your mouth until you can say something intelligent, oh heck, I'll settle for true. Juan Williams, ditto to you as well.

1) This law makes it a state crime as well as a federal crime to be an illegal immigrant. Now something can be done at the state level because the feds are refusing to do anything at all.

2) Illegal immigration is running rampant in the U.S. Point in fact, because 1 in 3 illegal crossings happen at the Arizona border the Mexican drug cartels have moved their war with their own government across the border and declared war on the citizens of Arizona, AMERICAN CITIZENS! Phoenix has become the #2 kidnap capital of the world, OF THE WORLD, due to illegal immigration. American citizens are dying and the federal government continues to do nothing. So the state of Arizona stepped up and did what the federal government wouldn't.

3) 72% of illegal immigrants commit identity theft upon crossing the border. Let's take the lowest number offered us in the U.S., there are 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. (the number I believe is closer to 20 million). 72% of 12 million is 8,640,000. 8,640,000 Americans are victims of identity theft directly tied to illegal immigration. This is not a victimless crime no matter what people say.

The federal government refuses to close our southern border, round up the illegal immigrants and send them home, send the illegal immigrants who are violent criminals back to their countries of origin to serve their time there, and stop all entitlement programs benefiting illegal immigrants. Then we can start getting the healthcare, criminal justice and welfare programs back to a healthier status and get a little financial stability here in America. Illegal immigration is a cancer on America, it must be completely excised. This is why Arizona took action, as are other states. We simply cannot afford to continue being the world's whipping boy.

Now, to the other American states who are calling Arizona a police state. Here's an idea, I agree with Bernie Goldberg and espoused the same sentiment on Facebook last week, ship all the illegal immigrants out of the states who do not want them and ship 'em to all the states who are screaming at the top of their lungs that anyone supporting this legislation is a racist. Let them pay for all the free health care. Let them pay for educating children who don't speak a word of English. Let me flood the job market and put more Americans out of work. Let their criminal justice system and foster care system be inundated with the children of illegal immigrants. Let their entitlement systems be strained to breaking point by illegal immigrants coming here to live the "good life." The western states which have been carrying the bulk of the illegal immigrant load can get a break for a change. Yeah, I like that idea. That way, states can be designated as "sanctuary states" and the rest of can get back to getting on an even keel.

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Kudos to Arizona, You are standing up to your rights! Kudos to Arizona, You are standing up to your rights! Reviewed by Candace Salima on Monday, May 03, 2010 Rating: 5