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Mike Lee: My Stance on Afghanistan

Obviously, if you're a regular reader of my blog and you have eyes, I am a strong supporter of Mike Lee. One of his opponents has labeled me an "over-the-top rabid supporter of Mike Lee." I have to laugh. I find it quite amusing to be labeled as such for following through on what I said I'd do last year.

On April 15th of last year, I spoke at the Tax Day Tea Party at the Federal Plaza in Salt Lake City. I asked people to become politically active, informed and then blog, email and make phone calls. I also asked them to find a candidate they believed would best represent the conservative values held by the tea partiers on that cold, wet, snowy spring day. Then I asked them to throw their all behind that candidate.

If we love America and hope to save her, then we have to do we all we can. There's nothing rabid about that at all. It's simply me keeping my word, standing up for what I believe and supporting the candidate I've chosen who would best represent my conservative ideals. That man is Mike Lee. A - B - C. Simple as that.

Now on to Mike's statement. In order to correct some misinformation directed by the Bennett campaign, Mike Lee has issued the following statement:

My Stance on Afghanistan
April 8th, 2010

As a delegate to the state convention, I recently received an interesting letter from Senator Bennett stating that my policy for Afghanistan was to “cut and run.” That was news to me. I have never advocated such a policy, nor will I.

My policy on Afghanistan is simple: our troops are there to take out military targets—i.e., things that present a clear and present threat to our national security—and should be brought home as soon as possible after all such targets have been destroyed or neutralized. Our duty to those who protect us, and to those they protect, requires nothing less.

When we send our troops into harm’s way, it is critical that we support them in their assignments before, during, and after their deployment. These extraordinary men and women and their families—who daily encounter “the last full test of true devotion”—deserve the very best from the country they defend and the people they protect. They also deserve to serve under rules of engagement that enable them to do what they are there to do without undue interference from Washington. As your U.S. Senator, I will make sure that they have whatever support they need to achieve their critical objectives.

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