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Carl Wimmer: Right for Utah!

Guess what I've learned? Here in Utah we have an incredible legislator named Carl Wimmer. Co-founder of the Patrick Henry Caucus. Awesome man. Former S.W.A.T. Businessman. A man who can be trusted. Therefore, the liberals HATE him. He threatens everything liberals believe in. He has proven this again and again as he has sponsored or co-sponsored numerous 10th Amendment legislation through the House, Senate and onto the Governor's mansion. I know Carl, and know him well. I personally and publicly have endorsed him.

So the Democrats and the AFLCIO (Federation of labor organizations) have picked a "pony" and put him in the race against Carl Wimmer. Chad Reyes, who has agreed to be the "front man" for the Democrats and the AFLCIO against Carl Wimmer. They've poured money into Reyes' coffers. They've posted a website to defeat Carl. And are throwing their all against Carl Wimmer. Seriously?!

Utah Legislative District 52, I call to you to rise up against this clear and concerted effort to effect our elections in Utah. Carl Wimmer is your representative. He's done a stellar job in building a wall of legislative protection against the federal government. If you oppose the overreaching efforts of Barack Obama and the 111th Congress, please work to re-elect Carl Wimmer and show the Democrats and the AFLCIO that their shenanigans are not welcome in the District 52.

I will be doing some fundraising efforts on behalf of Carl Wimmer. Mike Lee (U.S. Senate), Carl Wimmer (District 52) and Brad Daw (District 60) ... these are stellar men who are worthy of our trust. That doesn't mean we don't keep an eye on them, it means that even though we do, they will not betray that trust.

If you have $5, $10, $20, $25, $100, $250, $500 or even a $1,000 to donate to Carl's cause, please do so. I refuse to let the Democrats and AFLCIO come in and be successful. We in Utah are WAY too smart.

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