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Utah: Call to Action on SB11 Utah State-made Firearms Protection Act

Representative Carl Wimmer, founder of the Patrick Henry Caucus emailed me the following:

We are in trouble. Today the Utah House of Representatives passed SB11 the Utah Firearms Freedom Act. It passed the House of Representatives overwhelmingly. It also passed the Senate with no Democrats and two Republicans, John Valentine and Lyle Hillyard, voting against it. I will post their email's below.

There is now a real movement to have Governor Gary Herbert veto the bill. The long and short of it is, that we MUST FLOOD the Governor's office with email's asking him to support the bill and to sign it immediately! He needs to received HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of email's telling him that you support this bill as a state sovereignty bill! We also need to flood the switch board at his office. We need to assure him that the people support him on this issue and ask him to stand tall for our state sovereignty.

Here is the contact info for both the Governor and his chief of staff.

John Valentine (jvalentine at

Lyle Hillyard (lhillyard at

Governor Herbert (gherbert at or (jperry at

Call Governor Herbert: 801-538-1000

My letter to Governor Gary Herbert, emailed at 5:35 p.m. on February 10th, 2010

Dear Governor Herbert,

It was a pleasure visiting with you briefly at the Utah County Lincoln Day Dinner last week. I wish to reiterate my thanks to you for standing strong on so many solid principles, including fiscal responsibility.

I am emailing you today about a matter of great import, SB11: Utah State-made Firearms Protection Act ( introduced and sponsored by Senator Margaret Dayton. I understand it passed the House of Representatives overwhelmingly today and, in addition, also passed the Senate earlier with only 2 dissenting votes: John Valentine and Lyle Hillyard. I strongly support SB11 as a state sovereignty bill and wish it to be promptly signed into law.

I know there is a strong initiative in place to encourage you to veto this bill. I am asking you to please ignore this initiative and realize that the larger portion of Utah does indeed support SB11 with everything in us. The federal government increasingly encroaches on states’ rights, violating the U.S. Constitution with every move. We, as citizens of this great state, want our legislature and our Governor to stand with us in announcing: Any law which violates the U.S. Constitution will not be recognized in the state of Utah. SB11, takes that stand in defense of the 2nd , 9th and 10th Amendment rights of the state of Utah and her citizens. While the legislation limits Utah citizens to the exercising of our 2nd Amendment rights within the borders of the state, it is still a step in the right direction in securing our Constitutional rights should the unthinkable happen and the Bill of Rights completely stripped from the American people.

As such, I ask that you not delay, nor do you entertain the complaints of a small minority, in signing SB11 into law.

Thank you, Governor Herbert. I am available for any questions or comment at (Cell Number Redacted).

Candace E. Salima
Precinct Chair OR28

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