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A Conversation on Facebook: How to Make a Difference Politically

On Facebook I posted this update:

32% of Americans still think this monstrosity that is Reid's healthcare bill is a good idea. I'm guessing either they haven't read it or they are soulless bastards who are beyond redemption. There's kind of no position inbetween there. We all know healthcare reform is necessary ... but what they're doing in Washington D.C. has nothing to do with healthcare reform.

Here are the responses which came:

Commenter 1: And how will we stop them? Phone calls and emails don't seem to do the trick, especially to my very liberal representatives. Any ideas?

Me: Find the conservative candidates in your state, figure out which one you want to support and throw your everything behind them. Learn about them, study what they intend to do and then spread the word far and wide. We can't stop them now, although we should never stop trying. But we can replace them in 2010 and stop them that way.

We have to elect candidates with backbone, integrity, loyalty and a deep abiding love of God. We need candidates who will defend the U.S. Constitution against all attacks, even from their colleagues. We need candidates unafraid to go to Washington D.C. and take a stand that cannot be mistake. We need candidates who, when they the party comes back into power, does not betray the trust their constituents have placed in them. We need candidates who will go to Washington D.C. and do what they said they were going to do. Represent "we the people".

Seek these men and women out and do your part to help them be elected.

Commenter 2: There are many people who believe that communism is good and in redistribution of wealth. Thank the public schools and universities for that.

Commenter 3: You are absolutely right, Candace, in that there is NO middle position on the liberals' healthcare takeover. You either believe the private sector is best at innovation and solutions, or you believe Obama and Pelosi and Reid and the Government is better at running your life and making your choices for you. There is no middle ground on this.

Commenter 1: What is depressing is that those men and women who have integrity and would stand up for the Constitution have to have money in order to run for office. Regular people can't compete with the big money and, in the end, we lose people with integrity to those who can finance a campaign. There's something wrong with that.

Me: That is true, to a degree, Rebecca. But I have believe we can take this back. I have to believe we are making a difference. We can make a difference, there is no question in my heart. You find the candidate you support and use social networking, neighborhood conversations, donate of your time and do all you an to spread the word far and wide of the... See More candidate of your choice. Not everyone will agree with you, that is the beauty of America. That is one of the freedoms we want to preserve. But if you truly believe in your candidate than fight for that candidate. Help with fundraisers, attend local meetings and events, volunteer to work the phone tree, whatever you can do while not neglecting your family. That is my suggestion.

Commenter 4: Hey, 1/3 of the hosts of heaven followed Satan, too. ;)

Commenter 5: I get so down about this issue. We have one chance to take this country back and it sarts with the 2010 election cycle. Here are some things you can do:

1.) Learn both the US and your state Constitution. It really is a lot easier than you think. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

2.) Join your local GOP chapter, usually at the county level, and attend the events they hold. My chapter is very active and holds monthly breakfasts, etc. The GOP is badly dysfunctional right now, and needs to hear from us directly about our concerns for the Constitution. No more support for candidates who vote for legislation that violates the Constitution. Having an "R: by their name is not the reason to vote for them. Going into the 2010 election cycle the candidates will be out in force. In Georgia there are 12 gubernatorial candidates- do you think there's gonna be a lot of fighting to win votes? You bet there will be!

PS- I am NOT a fan of the GOP, I am highly disillusioned with the GOP. However, the GOP is our best hope to reclaim this country. A 3rd party will only keep Obama in office, assuming we still have free elections that ACORN hasn't stolen by 2012.

3.) Become a lobbyist yourself, especially if you live near your state capitol. In my state ANYBODY can be a lobbyist, all you really have to do is register. Then, go haunt the halls of your state legislature, and call the politicians on their abuse of the Constitution. Speak from conviction, and with your state and US Constitution at heart, and you'll start to make them uncomfortable. They've been making bad laws, they SHOULD be uncomfortable. Hit them right in the integrity.

4.) Go online and get all the names of your elected officials. Then go register for their email newsletters on their websites. This is a great way to find out about their platform and their local appearances.

5.) Show up to those meetings with questions in-hand. Nothing else but your health or that of your loved ones is more important. Divide and conquer if you must, but PTA's, kids sports and other interests are not as important as this. It is their future you want to ensure, the soccer team can wait till the brighter days. Be an agent to bring about those brighter days or they won't be here!!

♥ God Bless our Republic

Me: Excellent suggestions.

# # #

The reason I posted this conversation because throughout it you will find many things you can do to make a difference today. I know we can do this, America. We must simply have firm resolve and stay the course until our Constitution is restored and America reinstated as that bastion of liberty to the world.

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.

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