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Review: The Blind Side

Last weekend, Alvin took me to see the movie about Baltimore Raven Michael Oher The Blind Side. What an absolutely amazing movie. I laughed, I cried and my heart was indelibly touched and permanently changed.

Michael Oher was a young man who was born into a severely disadvantaged life. One of 13 children, if sportscasters are to be believed, Michael struggled to get an education while getting all work he could to be a help to his brothers and sisters. As a young boy he was separated from his mother (she was drug addicted and DCFS took the children away) and placed into foster care. He ran away from one home after another, back to his mother, to take care of her. Enter a family who took Michael in, fell in love with him and made him one of their own. From that point, every life he touched was permanently changed.

I will leave you to go watch this movie, because the rest of the story, taking us to NFL rookie, Michael Oher, with a starting position on the Baltimore Ravens, is one every single person in America should see.

I am a new Baltimore Raven fan because of Michael Oher. It is my hope that this young man has nothing but joy and peace for the remainder of his life, for he certainly suffered enough in his childhood. More than any child ever should.

I give this movie a solid 5 Stars! Kudos to the writer, director, actors and every single person who brought this incredible story to the screen. And my thanks to Michael Oher for allowing this story to be told.

By the way, Michael Oher said he understands literary license and all, but he knew how to play football before he ever made the team of the private school he attended.

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Review: The Blind Side Review: The Blind Side Reviewed by Candace Salima on Monday, November 30, 2009 Rating: 5