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What Happened to America

As I look around me today I feel such deep sorrow in my heart for the freedoms, liberties and this beloved nation of mine slipping away. Slipping is actually a very mild word for the way in which they are being ripped from the arms of Americans who would fight to the death for them.

Our founding fathers spoke often of this great Republic which they crafted in a hot, humid room filled with sweaty men of differing viewpoints. They fought, they argued, they discussed and in the end, this incredible Constitution that we have was born. A Republic can only be kept if the people are willing to accept personal responsibility, work hard for what they get, dream beyond boundaries placed around them and never, ever give up.

To those who Americans who have willingly given up your personal responsibility, your right to defend yourselves, your right to work hard for what you get, your right to choose for yourself what you will do, you have thrown away what citizens of other nations would die to have. You shame yourselves, your families and your country. Communism is an evil, insidious and "in your face" destructive form of government which will rob you of all humanity and happiness. How can you be so ignorant? How could you be so fooled by a slick tongue and a method of government which has NEVER succeeded, no matter where its been tried.

It must have been the 60's generation, who threw all values and morals aside, and realized that despite all their efforts, they couldn't effect an overthrow of the American dream with the blowing up of things and people. All that got them was prison time. So they went back to school, graduated college and oozed their way into the educational system and began teaching the Republic as the source of all evil and Communism as the Utopia that would save a wicked nation.

I cannot tell you the amount of umbrage I take to that. I had a father who lived through Hitler's evil machinations and survived by the skin of his teeth, literally. I had a family history rife with those who came to this nation in the 1500's and never looked back. Journals filled with the consequences of evil men rising to power and destroying the very law which gave them the ability to lead. This is common of evil...destroy what made it possible for the takeover so that no one else can ever come and take it away from them? You think I'm making it up? Ever heard of Bloody Mary, Adolf Hilter? Vladimir Lenin? Joseph Stalin? Papa Doc? Fidel Castro? Barack Obama? History is rife with men and women of this ilk.

Oh, I heard your gasps from here in my home. Yes, I am comparing Barack Obama to these despots. Why you ask?

Barack Obama wants a civilian force equal in might and power to the military. Why?

Barack Obama wants to put the Constitution aside in favor of a more global rule of law. Why?

Barack Obama wants redistribution of wealth. Why?

Barack Obama has nationalized the auto industry. Why?

Barack Obama has nationalized the banking industry. Why?

Barack Obama has nationalized the insurance industry. Why?

This healthcare legislation which Obama keeps saying the right is perpetuating myths about, and he is lying through his teeth, is evil personified. He hasn't read it. All the senators and congressmen haven't read it. But I did. Millions of Americans did what our elected officials said was too hard to do. Yes, there is "end of life" language in the this bill. Yes, there is health insurance for all illegal aliens. Yes, there is the increasing of the IRS' powers as they will be managing some part of the enforcement of the healthcare. Yes, there is a 5-year plan to eradicate all private insurance and have only the public option left. Yes, there are expectations accompanied by penalties and fines which will drive small business into the ground. Small business who employs 80% of Americans.

And so I ask again. What happened to America? Where is that American spirit that demands personal responsibility, fiscal conservatism (balance the freaking budget), that fights for what it believes in, that pushes the much so that we have landed on the moon. In a free nation technological advances and medical breakthroughs are commonplace. In a free nation happy people are the norm rather then simply found amongst the elite. In a free nation the spirit soars to greater heights unfettered by the dictates of a government bent on crushing all that God placed within His children to succeed.

The America I grew up in was far from perfect, but it was, and still is, the greatest nation on earth. I learned of the founding fathers. I studied the Revolutionary War and the great heroes which arose during that time to insure that I would be free to sit in my home and write this blog. I've studied America's history and yet, as I have read Mark Shurtleff's historical novel (Am I Not a Man? The Dred Scott Story) about Dred Scott, the knowledge was renewed in me once again, that great men and women from all walks of life suffered horribly to insure freedom for all in America. I knew they had, of course I did. But as I've read what happened to Dred Scott and his indomitable spirit and drive to be free, I have become more inspired than ever before.

There are those who focus only on that dark time in our nation's history where slavery was accepted. Never, ever, could or would I understand how anyone could crush enough of the humanity within ones self to enslave and abuse another human being. It is something beyond my comprehension on all levels. As I devoured chapter after chapter of this book it inspired me in ways I don't think anyone could have anticipated.

I am determined that all the men and women of America's past, both bond and free, will not have lived, loved, fought and died in vain. I know Obama wishes to destroy America in its entirety and build a communist utopia in its place. But I, along with millions of other Americans, will not allow this to happen. Yes, Obama and the 111th Congress are shoving through legislation after legislation, but we will take America back from their greedy, grasping hands and those who have refused to listen to the people, which is 99.9% of Congress and most definitely Obama, will be out of a job in 2010 and the rest in 2012.

With the taking of Congress back in 2010, Obama's plans will be completely derailed. Anything he tries to push through will be met with failure if it is not Constitutional. He will no longer be able to move forward with his communist agenda. This new Congress must then begin to quickly undo the damage of all legislation which was passed and is unconstitutional.

When 2012 rolls around, we must vet our candidates carefully again and elect only those who will uphold the Constitution and the Republic, be fiscally conservative, restore the balance with the federal government and the states, promote and encourage free enterprise, allow the use of our energy sources, reform both healthcare and immigration in responsible, effective and appropriate manners and exhibit wisdom and strength in foreign relations.

We must give our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren the America we knew. The one thriving because of the ingenuity and hard work of its citizens who remained free to break the bounds and soar into the stratosphere. This is the America I know and love. This is the America I protect. This is the America I will defend to the death.

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.
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