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Benjamin Netanyahu, Barack Obama and Glenn Beck

So much has happened over the last few days I decided to just do snippets of each news story:

On Healthcare: So Barack Obama doesn't want Americans to be able to read any healthcare legislation before it comes up for a vote. Treasonous bastard. So much for a transparent government ... Obama's has been anything but that. He's a liar. He's always been a liar. And he always will be a liar. And so, with this decree from the White House I have contacted my congressman (Jason Chaffetz) and my senators (Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett) and let them know that unless I can read the legislation coming forth I vote NO on any and all healthcare bills being presented by Barack Obama and the Democrats. They have proven themselves to be nothing but untrustworthy, and ignorant, since they took power.

So contact your politicians and let them know that you do not support any legislation going through Congress right now, especially the healthcare legislation. I could only find one link to healthcare legislation in the Senate. The House is listing nothing at all, so they have chosen to remove the monstrous healthcare legislation that had America up in arms, and hide it from us. Nice try. We're not that stupid. Now we won't support anything at all you come up with. Good job.

On Tim DeChristopher: So DeChristopher is the idiot environmentalist who fraudulently and with malice aforethought bid millions of dollars he didn't have, against legitimate businesses who were bidding to utilize Utah's natural resources in safe and environmentally efficient ways. Had DeChristopher not committed this crime, Utah would be on its way to having huge amounts of monies flowing into the state while protecting our beautiful lands.

The judge in DeChristopher's case has put the kibosh on turning it into a trial on global warming and environmental issues. It's a criminal case, plain and simple. DeChristopher is whining about that and thinks he needs to be able to bring it before a jury of his peers and get a ruling on global warming. Moron. (Source: KUTV Channel 2, Utah)

On Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the UN: Benjamin Netanyahu proved himself to be a true leader and defender of truth in his speech to the U.N. on Thursday, 25 September 2009. This speech was truly one of the best I have ever heard. On my blog yesterday, I included the video and the text of BB Netanyahu calling out the U.N. And it is about time someone told the U.N. what was what, backing it up with fact and history, and served notice. Are they animals promoting terrorism or are they leaders of nations determined to make the world a better and safe place?

It is my opinion, BB Netanyahu has become the leader of the free world while our president is determined to destroy the nation that gave him the opportunity to become president. He can't even face his own people as he turned tail and ran away from Washington, D.C. on September 12th. He's a coward, plain and simple. Barack Obama is nothing to admire and worship, he is a fraudulent American bent on the destruction of our beloved nation. As I have firmly stated before, I stand with Israel at all times and in all places. I will never turn my back on the Lord's chosen people. It will be to America's ultimate destruction if we do not stand with our ally, Israel.

On Glenn Beck: The liberal left, in other words the communists pretending to be Americans, (including Barack Obama) have taken aim at Glenn Beck and are throwing everything they have at him. Nevertheless, he continues to scoop the mainstream media (otherwise known as the MSM) on stories they should be covering but refuse to because it will anger their master, Barack Obama. For example: Glenn broke the story on Van Jones. Beck researched for months about Jones, one of Obama's czars, and found that he was a rabid conspiracy theorist and communist. He broke that story and cost Jones his post. Didn't see the MSM covering that!

And let us not forget the ACORN scandal. It was Beck who showed the fake prostitute/pimp videos as they were counseled by ACORN members on multiple ways to break the law, including one mentally unbalanced ACORN employee in San Diego who confessed to setting up her husband and then murdering him. It was Glenn Beck who played video after video on his FoxNews talk show, not the MSM. Because he did not relent, the U.S. Census and the Federal government cut off funding to ACORN and investigations are cropping up against the nation against them. It's about time! Thanks, Glenn.

Of course, they continue to funnel money into the ACORN fronts, but we'll take them all down because we have Glenn Beck on our side. The likes of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingrahm, Mark Levin and others will not let this federal government continue to rape the American people. So support them. Watch and listen to their television and radio shows. FoxNews is the ONLY place where you will find the truth. No other news station or MSM news will reveal the truth of the deep corruption of the American government, only FoxNews.

And so I close with simply this:

I pledge to always stand between America and her foes, both foreign and domestic.

I pledge to always speak truth as I defend the Republic from those who would destroy her.

I pledge to defend the U.S. Constitution at all times, even unto death.

I pledge to speak at gatherings, organizations and political meetings to teach the truth of the founding of America and the circumstances and writing of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I pledge to be ever vigilant of Barack Obama, his administration, the Senate and the Congress until America is back in the hands of her people once again.

I refuse to let America fall. The Republic will rise again and communism will fall in America. November 2010 will be when we take America back. Do not let your courage falter. This is our time and our mission: Restore America to Reagan's shining city on a hill and the founding father's glorious Republic.

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.
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