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New Look for Dream a little dream...

As I'm sure you've noticed, I decided I needed a new look for my blog. Wow, I looked at dozens, if not hundreds, of blogger templates and finally settled on this one. I like it, my life is so much more organized when I used my little Blackberry planner.

Anyway, I've taken the last couple of days and stepped away from politics. Watched Ace of Cakes and Challenge, not to mention a few other cake decorating shows, watched a couple of movies and simply breathed. Obama, his administration and the 111th Congress have made life INSANE since he took office on 20 January 2009. I'm sick to death of the attacks on our republic, our nation, our Constitution and our beloved flag. My sleep is sporadic, at best, as is my ability to focus. I decided I wasn't going to let these morons in Washington, D.C. do this to me.

So I decided to stop and look at these beautiful Rocky Mountains that we are blessed to live in the shadow of:

Timpanogos Mountain

And the beautiful flowers that surround us in the beautiful mountain meadows and landscaped homes:

and watch my favorite movie:

So yeah, it's been a beautiful couple of days, except for the coughing and not feeling well stuff. I feel much better and now it's back to the front. Townhall meetings to be attended. Emails to be sent and phone calls to be made. Traitors to be stopped. Oh yeah, and my business to make fly! (That's going really well by the way.)

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