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Why Tea Parties?

I received a question via an email list I belong to:

Question: Oh that does it! Would someone PLEASE explain to me about this tea party business? I'm seeing this almost everywhere! What's going on? Why are people having them? Where did they come from? ((Yes, I know about the Boston Tea party))

So, please explain and answer my question please???

My Answer: The tea parties are inspired by the patriots of 1773 who’d finally had enough and dumped the British tea into the harbor. That part, as you’ve already said, you know.

Since Barack Obama came into office unemployment has skyrocketed (now at 9.5%), he’s written, sponsored or encouraged legislation which has nullified and/or violated the 1st, 2nd, 9th, 10th, 11th and 14th Amendments. Barack Obama and Geitner (Secretary of Treasury) stated they were in favor of the Constitution (which has been the foundation of more than 80 other nations’ constitutions) being pushed aside and going to a more global rule of law (that received very little media attention although it made my jaw drop and enraged me.) Legislation, which he has said he will sign, is currently in the House or Senate which will destroy the American economy and obliterate our personal freedoms. With just two pieces (Cap and Trade as well as Universal HealthCare) $7,500 will be added to each American family’s yearly tax burden, in addition to shutting down untold numbers of businesses across the nation. Another piece of legislation gives the President permission to take down any portion of the internet he considers a threat to the American government. Yet another requires all American gun owners, exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, to register with a federal database. In addition, they must register precisely every weapon they own. If they move, they have 30 days to notify the federal database of the change of address or face felony charges (this is what Hitler did prior to WWII, then the police went and picked up every single weapon). Moreso, the Fairness Doctrine is being re-enacted which will literally force the shutting down of conservative talk radio. The current Hate crime legislation passing through Congress will make it illegal, and a hate crime, to preach or teach that homosexuality is wrong, violating the 1st Amendment in a huge way and our freedom of religion. It simply goes on and on and on, Christy.

Under Obama, the Department of Homeland Security issued a document to law enforcement across the land stating that anyone who was a military veteran, prolife, pro 2nd Amendment, anti-big government or attended a tea party were considered threats to the American government and were therefore designated as right-wing extremists or domestic terrorists. In addition to this outrage, nowhere in this document were the Mexican drug cartels, radical Islamists or the host of other REAL dangers our nation faces were mentioned. This enraged every conservative in the land.

Yesterday, for the first time, I heard how our veterans and soldiers feel about this designation. So many of them attended the tea party I hosted and I was somewhat relieved they weren’t taking it laying down. So I now enjoy a right-wing extremist designation along with Utah’s Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, Congressman Jason Chaffetz, Congressman Rob Bishop, Representative Brad Daw and others who all spoke at one or both of the two tea parties I hosted. Yeah, I’m really dangerous because I chose to educate myself and exercise the rights and responsibilities of every American citizen. Whew … I’m a scary individual.

In February of this year, Rick Santelli of CNN called on all Chicago natives to join him at Lake Michigan and throw tea in the harbor in protest against the growing of federal government, the increasing tax burden (trillions upon trillions added to the national debt) on the American people and stripping of our personal liberties and Constitutional rights. That was the impetus for the tea party movement which has gone nationwide. ( as well as

For me, as I have co-organized and organized 2 tea parties, they serve several purposes.

One: To help other conservatives realize that they are not a lone voice in a liberal wilderness. It gives them strength, courage and support they may not have had prior to attending a tea party.

Two: Informs those who have not been politically active as to what is happening to our nation and how to become active. Yesterday we told the attendees of the Orem tea party about the Patrick Henry Caucus as well as several other sites/organizations who heard tea partiers in April (where we protested big government in the rain, wind, snow and sleet) and took action.

Three: Helps those who attend understand the difference between a republic and a socialist nation and why it is so dangerous. It helps them to understand that we must unite across the nation to restore the U.S. Constitution as the rule of law.

That’s basically what it boils down to. The Constitution, as prophesied, is now hanging by a thread. More than a few Mormons realize this and across the nation conservatives of every party are uniting their voices to let Washington D.C. know we’ve had enough. The T.E.A. movement translates into Taxed Enough Already.

I think that’s what it boils down to Christy. If I’ve been unclear about anything, please let me know. I’m more than happy to answer. I’m pretty sick right now, so while I think what I’ve written makes sense I could be terribly wrong. But I deeply fear the direction our nation has taken. It didn’t start with Barack Obama, but he’s launched it into warp speed. He truly believes a republic government is useless and the Constitution is an antiquated document and that a socialist/fascist/communist form of government is far superior. I vehemently disagree and will fight to my dying breath to preserve our freedoms, our beloved nation and the U.S. Constitution.

I believe that America is the last bastion of freedom to the world and that we can be Reagan’s “shining city on the hill” and in fact, believe it is our duty and responsibility. This is the nation and constitution I fight to protect.

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