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Thomas Jefferson Warned Us

Thank you, Seth Adam Smith, for this beautiful and inspiring video.

I'd like to announce the launch of the new blog Tea Party Utah, which will focus on events around the state involving the fight for the republic and the Constitution. Please drop by and visit, details of events, videos, etc. will be posted there.

4th of July Tea Party - Provo, Utah

On April 15th of 2009 tea parties were thrown all over the nation, over 2,000 rallies and American Conservative voices raised in protest against high taxes, socialism and came out in a strong and loud defense of the Constitution.

Many asked, what do we do next. We keep the momentum moving.

On July 4th, the American voice will raise once again, to much higher levels than April 15th. Washington, D.C. will hear or they'll be looking for jobs in 2010. Well, we're going to make sure they are all looking for jobs in 2010, anyway, but I digress.

There is no better way to celebrate America's Independence Day than fighting for our freedom. Patrick Henry, one of my absolute favorite founding fathers, said to the assembly on that day so long ago: ~ Read More
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