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The Legislative Branch of the Government Has Declared Class Warfare

Viewpoint from America: Cash Case, Texas

I know that everyone is angry over the bonuses paid by AIG to their employees. Specifically after AIG received tax payer dollars to prop itself up. I am angry. AIG received at least $170 billion dollars in bailout money and more is on the way! $165 million dollars worth of that was paid to employees as bonuses. Do you know were all the rest of the money went? The lion's share went to prop up foreign banks.

Let me state first that I am not happy with any monies going to a corporation that has been so reckless with it's finances. And, I know that AIG's failure would be very painful to say the least, but there is something much more dangerous going on here that no one is focusing on. The federal government is implementing a bill of attainder against these individuals.

A bill of attainder is an act of legislature declaring a person or group of persons guilty of some crime and punishing them without benefit of a trial. That is what they are doing. And it is unconstitutional! THE LIMITS ON LEGISLATIVE POWER ...Article 1, Section 9, Paragraph 3 of The Constitution of the United States reads, "No Bill Of Attainder or Ex-post Facto Law, shall be passed."

What the senate is doing is extremely dangerous to every citizen of the U.S.

The senate is over reaching their authority in many ways, but this is a direct attack on targeted citizens. Barney Frank's statements that if those who received those bonuses don't give them back that they would 'take them back', is treasonous. Other senators have made similar statements. They are as guilty those receiving the bonuses. They are at best, incompetent and at worst, treasonous. What they are doing is authorizing or implementing a bill of attainder against these individuals.

They are taking monies given or granted to these individuals that were promised them. Even if it was reckless and foolhardy, our legislators have no right to do that. AIG should have canceled all contracts and renegotiated them, but congress and the senate have no right to do so now.

They are pointing the finger at private citizens because they don't want anyone to realize that they are the ones who passed this monstrosity called a stimulus package and they never even read it! They cannot even tell you what is in the bill now, two weeks after it was passed. Ask one of them! They just close the book and go on to the next infringement of our personal rights. Every moment that congress meets, we lose more of our freedoms!

While I am angry that tax payer dollars were used to pay these bonuses, I am more angry that those who drafted the stimulus package and those who knew that these bonuses were going to be paid, PAY ATTENTION SENATORS BARNEY FRANK & CHRIS DODD, did nothing and in fact denied that they even knew about them! Senator Dodd has now admitted that he did know.

Congress is declaring class war on anyone that they decide is too wealthy. This is not an exaggeration. Do you think that a senator in Washington should have control over whether or not you will lose your right to earn any given amount of money? They will always choose against the individual. They have just done that. What will you do when they come to your door and take whatever they decide is 'too much' for you to have? They will do it, they are doing it now!

The American tax payer owns AIG, and it will be run by a government 'appointee'. What is scary is that the federal government does not now and is not interested in an 'exit strategy' where AIG is concerned.

Call, email, write, but contact your congressmen and senators; tell them that targeting any private citizen for punitive taxes without due process is unconstitutional! And that if they continue to trample the constitutional rights of the people, they will be replaced in 2010!

-Cash G. Case
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