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An Evening with N.C. Allen at Provident Book

Thursday night was the first meeting of the Provident Ladies Book Group. N.C. Allen, author of the "Faith of our Fathers" series, was there with her new book "Legend of the Jewel". She rocked! It was so much fun.

She spoke about how she began writing, how each of her series came about. Why she writes and more. She was fun and informative. Then she took questions and we had a discussion that ran the gamut of topics.

Nancy's book was 20% off for the entire month of January, so that those of us wanting to participate in the book group could purchase it at a discount. I didn't have the chance to do that, but I purchased it last night, because the 20% discount went through closing. I can't wait to dive in and read it.

Provident Book provided discount cards for each of us, to be used as many times as we want between now and Feburary 26th when H.B. Moore will be speaking about her new book Abinadi.

There were drawings for gifts, cookies and just too much fun all the way around. What a great way to spend an hour on a rainy Thursday night. Just fun, fun, fun! I'll be a regular attendee, that's for sure.

You know what else, they have the most incredible candy selection! They had jelly beans the size of ping pong balls, okay, not quite ping pong balls but REALLY close. The gift bag they gave N.C. Allen had them in it. I blinked a couple of times to make sure I was seeing things right. I WAS! Of course, I still had the silver lamé jumpsuit stuck in my head, I didn't touch a single one! But on May 31st, I'm going to go get me so. Just a few, because I love jelly beans! No, I am not going to eschew my new healthy lifestyle, but I'm going to have those jelly beans as my treat. Not to mention, Provident Book and Humdinger Toys has the best salt water taffy. Okay . . . "Super Trouper lights are gonna find me, shining like the sun . . . la, la, la, la-a."

Back to Book Group. Karlene Browning, the store's assistant manager, took pictures last night so I grabbed them off the Provident Books & Humdinger Toys blog to share with you.

Sandra, Me (Candace) and N.C. Allen a.k.a Nancy Allen

Eileen, N.C. Allen a.k.a. Nancy Allen, Tristi

Karlene and N.C. Allen a.k.a. Nancy Allen

Things to Do Before Twist 'n Shout Concert

1. Lose weight - Working on it . . .
2. Learn Song - Check!
3. Perfect Song - Working on it . . .
4. Practice, practice, practice - Check!
5. Buy Hair - Check!
6. Buy Shoes (Not wearing those boots for love nor money.)
7. Book makeup artist
8. Book appointment with Wendy, the super hairstylist
9. Buy Spanx
10. Buy Jumpsuit
11. Peform
12. Breathe. . .
13. Eat a jellybean!

Tickets ($5.00 per person) for the May 30th Twist 'n Shout concert are now available. Please email me with Twist 'n Shout in the Subject line. I'll respond and we'll work the details out. You can pay via cash (in person), personal check (after it clears tickets will be sent) or Paypal (electronic check). There are 535 seats, with 400 seats currently available, as the tickets are going quickly. Don't wait until the last minute! I've spread the word everywhere and am startled at the number of people who want to see me in my Super Trouper costume. So buy your tickets soon, I definitely want all my friends in Blogland there!
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