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A Vote for Destruction, Barack Obama

Wow, crazy week! Obama. I learned a blogging friend has gone missing, 12 days now. I don't know how to help her family or what to do, but I'm praying and praying hard. My sister had surgery, she's getting better. We buried a dear friend and brother. Friends came in from out of town. Sete received his patriarchal blessing. Lots of coordination of time and effort, lack of sleep and lots of joy, grief, sorrow, disappointment . . . I'm tired and worried, on a number of fronts.

On Tuesday, 62,000,000 plus Americans lost their collective minds and voted a communist into office. Barack Obama, yuck, is the next president of the United States. Fortunately, the Dems didn't get their super majority so they can't run unchecked for the next two years like they wanted to. Whew! We still have a very ugly time ahead of us.

Am I happy about the election? No.

Am I bitter? No. You know who's going to be bitter? The people I heard calling into radio and television shows and saying, "I'm so excited! I don't have to worry about my mortgage or my car anymore." Or, "Average Americans like me, who don't work and can't pay our rent don't have to worry anymore." Or, "I'm so happy now everything will be better." Those are going to be the bitter folks when Obama cannot deliver on those promises these people think he made. I don't think I ever heard Barack Obama promise that people wouldn't have to pay their mortgages, car payments or put food on their table. So there apparently was some kind of massive delusion that went on in those 62,000,000 plus Americans.

I heard him say he thought we shouldn't keep our homes at 72 degrees, drive SUVs and eat as much as we want. I heard him say he wants to redistribute the wealth. I

heard him say he was fine with $8.00/gal. gas but that the price has to go up gradually, rather than quickly, so the American people will accept it.

I heard him say he wants to create a civilian force as powerful as the military and stop relying on the military so much. Interestingly, the American military is not really allowed to function on U.S. soil . . . as a protection for the American people. Isn't interesting to think how that caveat is clearly removed if a civilian force becomes as powerful as the American military. Then what happens to the American people?

I heard him ridicule and denigrate the Bible.

I saw he voted 3 times for infanticide for the survivors of abortion. I saw he voted 95 times to either block a tax cut or to hike our taxes.

I know he espouses Marxism and is a devotee of its creator. I know he was endorsed by Hamas, Al Qaeda, Bill Ayers, Iran and others who want a weak man in office. I

know he doesn't believe the Constitution is correct and he wants to rewrite it.

I know he supports the Fairness Doctrine which is really a way to insure the truth quits getting out to the American people (that's how it was working when President Reagan rescinded it last time).

I know he wants to cut funding to the military.

I know he wants to surrendered to Al Qaeda.

I know he's very anti-2nd Amendment. And by the way, the last check and balance against a rogue government is an armed people. Make sure you have guns in your homes and you know how to care, use and store them safely.

But nope, I never heard him say people wouldn't have to pay their mortgages or work to put food on the table.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah.

Am I saddened by how easily the 62,000,000 plus Americans allowed themselves to be deceived? Yes.

Am I saddened by how violent the slap in the face was to the millions who have died to preserve America, our freedom and her Constitution was? Yes.

Do I fear what Barack Obama and the Democrats will do to America? Depends on how long the American people take to realize they've made a colossal mistake which will cost us our freedom and future. Any historian can tell you we have followed the path of the world in electing a megalomaniac as POTUS (president of the United States). Any historian can tell you the unmistakable end of that path . . . complete and utter destruction of the nation and her people. Of course, Muslim's around the world are doing their violent version of Snoopy's happy dance. The American people have stamped their own ticket . . . the game is over.

Or is it? The beauty of the American voting process is that we have had a peaceful, successful transfer of power 43 times, coming up on 44. We have remained a free nation and we now stand at a precipice. Do we allow Barack Obama to rewrite (otherwise known as utterly destroy) the Constitution of the United States of America or do we stop him? We can stop him . . .

Here's the current situation:

Democrats are thrilled they are going to be able to launch the Fairness Doctrine again.

John McCain had a plan to create more than 700,000 jobs while achieving energy independence. But 62,000,000 Americans, the "what can you do for me" crowd, chose Barack Obama's handouts, aka redistribution of wealth, instead. The "what can I do for my country" crowd was outvoted and patriotism took a sharp dive. Creating wealth was tossed aside for the "redistribution of wealth", the deathknell of an economy and a nation.

Now many people may think that is harsh . . . but no, it's not. It was the "fast food, give me everything now, make me work for it-are you kidding, it's not fair, I want it all, I'm tired of working" generation who have elected Barack Obama president. Amongst those 62,000,000 plus there are very few willing to put the needs of others, let alone their country, above their own. There are very few who truly understand communism and its inherent dangers. There are very few who would understand they have chosen the path of a "Hitler" type ... a man who truly believes he can live our lives better than we can.

So what do we do?

Stand for truth.

Stand for righteousness.

Stand for conservative values.

Become politically educated and active.

Monitor the actions and votes of Congress and the President.

And make yourself heard. Speak loud. Speak long. And, speak up.

Contrary to what Barack Obama says, this nation is still a Judeo Christian nation, it is time we stop the infighting, look to our challenges, band together as Christians and Americans and take our nation back. Not through bombings. Not through arson. Not through murder. Not through assassination. Not through death. Not through anything that is in direct contradiction to the laws of our land. But by educating ourselves and our neighbors. By helping them to learn and understand why America is indeed that "shining city on a hill." Help them to know this is a nation worth fighting for, worth being proud of and worth drawing a line in the sand for our enemies. Our ancestors fought hard for this country, can do we no less? Our God asked us to defend this country and her Constitution. Can we turn our backs?

Our children and grandchildren deserve the freedoms we have enjoyed. They deserve the chance to grow up, start a business or take over the family business and make their mark in the world. They deserve to work hard and buy that dream car and house . . . if they are willing to work hard enough. They deserve the right to support the candidates, propositions and amendments of their choice, be heard and vote accordingly.

They do not deserve to be told what to do and how to do it. That means we shake off the events of last week and simply stand together, shoulder and shoulder and make it count.

Two social networks which are gathering people for this fight are: - and -

Each, in their own way are gearing up for the fight. I am a member of both networks and will remain active. I also encourage each of you, who have not yet done so, to create your own blogs and build your readership, espousing traditional, conservative and true principles which will save America. In 24 months we can take control of the House and the Senate . . . if we hope to have a nation left for Mitt Romney to pull back together.

Upcoming battles:

Preserve the Constitution,
Keep the federal government out of our homes,
Stem Cell research,
Energy independence,
Fairness Doctrine,
Military funding,
Securing of our borders,
and many more.

We are stronger as a collective group then as individuals fighting this battle.

Barack Obama and the Democrats have clearly stated what their intentions are . . . the eradication of the America we grew up in. I'm certain they will do so much damage, as they are starting at a 9% current approval rating for the currently Democrat controlled congress, that we should be able to restore Congress to the people. Then we have to make sure we are electing wise, righteous men and women who will serve the people rather than themselves. We want people in office who understand the checks and balances system set up by our founding fathers rather than tossing their responsibility away and rubber stamping the president.

Pay attention. Be certain you are educating yourselves on our founding fathers (reputable sources) and the reasons this Constitution was created. Understand that this is no time to sit on the fence. You matter. You are an American and you matter.

The rights of all of our fellow human beings are critical. There should be no domination of one over another. Slavery is wrong. Prejudice is wrong. Bigotry is wrong. It always has been and always will be.

So stand for truth. Stand for righteousness and let noone rob you of your voice. Let noone convince you America is, or ever was, bad. Let no one make you feel ashamed. Let no one stand between you and what you know is right.

James Madison said this government was wholly unsuitable for anyone other than a completely moral people. Let us remember our God. Let us remember we are children of God and Americans. And unbeatable combination.
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